Peak Design Everyday Totepack

Peak Design Everyday Totepack

  • PADDED AND QUICKLY STOWABLE BACKPACK STRAPS provide an alternative carry option to the padded carry handles.
  • WIDE TOP ROLL-TOP ACCESS gives 5L or internal expansion and quickly closes via magnetic clasp and has a weatherproof top zip for when more secure closure is needed.
  • ULTRAZIP EXTERNAL ZIPPERS are built to withstand decades of use, thanks to abrasion-resistant thread.
  • PROTECTED LAPTOP SLEEVE: Holds 15″ laptops (see listing for exact measurements) and is accessed externally.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Weatherproof, 100% recycled nylon canvas shell is DWR impregnated and double PU-Coated.

Peak Design Everyday Totepack

Sometimes we all long for a change. If you are bored of the usual backpacks and messengers, Peak Design offers you a trendy new camera bag style. With the clean look of a tote but the comfort of a backpack, this product can be a new addition to your bag collection or function as your new essential. Check the latest price on Amazon hereEveryday Totepack header » Roaming Sparrow » 2024


This Totepack is a sleek hybrid between a regular backpack and a tote ideal for on-the-go everyday carry. The top portion is sealed via zippers as well as a magnetic strip. You can access the contents of the bag via the top or sideways through the dual side zips.

The back is sufficiently padded for a comfortable carry. Loops are provided all around the bag. You can fix external straps using these loops to cinch down a jacket or a tripod. The material is made of recycled nylon canvas, which is exceptionally resistant to water and dust. You get a lot of weather-resistant internal pockets for organizing your stuff.

This tote pack also has a laptop sleeve and a tablet sleeve.

Pros of the Peak Design Everyday Totepack

  • You can use the bag in two different ways. Remove the shoulder straps and neatly tuck it into the bag to get a tote handbag or carry it as a comfortable backpack.
  • There are loops all over the bag, and you can put an external strap over the bag to hold a jacket or a tripod. This feature is handy as you don’t have to shove in everything inside your bag, plus it is easy to access.
  • The Velcro dividers give you lots of flexibility to design your interiors. You can fold them however you want according to the occasion. Use the Velcro dividers to fill up the entire space with full gear. Or you make a small dedicated space for a camera and use the remaining for storing electronic gadgets, clothes, snacks, or any other stuff as per your need.
  • The magnetic strip at the top allows you to leave the zippers open when you are at work for easy access to your gear.
  • You can use it for multifunction and not just as a camera bag. You can also use it for office, outings, shopping, etc.
  • The stylish cream bag is ideal for photographers who want a feminine look.

Cons of the Peak Design Everyday Totepack

  • This Totepack is super deep. The entire length of the bag is its depth, so unless you intelligently organize your space, you need to shove in your whole hand to access the bag’s contents.
  • With 20 liters of storage, Peak Design Totepack is compact and trendy. But if you own heavy gear or plan on using it as an overnight bag, space might be an issue.


Peak Designs live up to their name. They create trendy products that are visually attractive as well as efficient. Using eco-friendly resources, Peak Designs converts all those toxic materials into excellent merchandise.

Peak Design Everyday Totepack is a magical combo of a tote and backpack. It is compact and stylish, efficient, and convenient. Lots of positive reviews on Amazon prove how users really love this camera bag.Check the latest price on Amazon here

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