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Travel Blog Ideas : For the Fellow Travel Blogger who Might Need Inspiration!

For those of you running low on creative energy, here is a complete list of travel blog ideas. In today’s modern world, a blog is a perfect way to put your thoughts out. And what better than a blog post for the purpose of sharing the different places you discovered are found!

For sure, you’ll be able to garner even more traffic for your website. In this way, you can reach out to large audiences across the globe.

Blogs on travel use the same template. You would know that if you’re someone who receives a lot of traffic through Pinterest or Google. What that means is that people would just search “best daytime treks in…” and add the name of a city.

Therefore, the aim is to use the template to suit the needs of your topic, audience, and blog.If you can figure out the core of this trick, there’s no way you’ll run out of travel blog ideas.

This article is part of a larger series about How to Start a Travel Blog.

Travel Blog Ideas:

Below are some broad ideas that might help you find some inspiration. You may use the links to find out how you can make it more relevant.

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Things to Do (or Not to) Blogs:

Things to do when the sun goes down:

It is quite obvious that most travel blogs are about bucket lists, historical attractions, and whatnot. But what you can offer your readers is something very specific and a spot-on activity.

There are places that open or function only during the night that might be really famous, Like visiting the Hoi An Night Market. There may also be nighttime tours and safaris that you can tell your readers about. These ideas especially pertain to big cities with a bustling day and nightlife.

Things to do with children:

These types of ideas will especially cater to those families with children. No amount of prep work is proper when you add in children on a trip. There is always a slight chance of something unexpected happening.

It could be a sudden bathroom break or an unfortunate allergy. At the same time, it is an avenue for you, as a blogger, to prepare content about these happenings.

Along with these, you can also throw in ideas such as “place to take your kids on a trip.”

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Travel Blog Ideas For Trips:

Trips that are Dog-Friendly:

Pet owners will know how inconvenient a trip to a vet can turn out to be. And to think about a trip with a pet almost seems like a punishment more than a relaxing trip. But that doesn’t stop many people from doing so.

Hence, they look for ways to make trips with their loyal friend cozier and more relaxed. Thus, you can help this category of audiences with their woes by writing on just that.

Ideas such as blogs on “safe places to stay with your dog on a trip” will naturally come up. Or write about story you took with your puppy dog, like this story to the Suối Khe Ram Mountain Stream

Trips with Scenic Drives:

Another variation for road-trip types of blogs is the scenic drives. With these ideas, there exist a lot of forms. Also, bloggers have the freedom to customize such types of ideas.
Besides, scenic drives are not only for travel purposes. Even people living in a town or city are searching for such places. Thus, there is a lot of scope for this category.

Road Trips:

This particular travel blog idea is one for the ages as it never gets old. People living in urban cities are more prone to doing such searches. And even though there are already numerous blogs already available on this idea, a lot of variations still exist.

Some ideas may be “road trips for couples,” “road trip with family with children,” and so on. As you can see, with each idea, there is a variation, and the list is endless.

Besides, these are ideas that give rise to other ideas such as “road trip experiences” or “best season to go on road trip.”

Or even you can talk about a road trip you went on such as this story about going to Tam Thanh, along with photos and talking about the trip.

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Travel Blog Ideas on Entertainment:

Museum and Historical Architecture:

This idea includes all age groups, from children to adults and from enthusiasts to professionals. For families traveling to a big city with kids, among the first things to check out are the kids’ museums. These places are great for imparting hands-on information to kids.

Furthermore, it refreshes their mind and offers them something interesting after a long, tiring trip.

For enthusiasts and professionals on a tight schedule in a popular city such as Rome, blogs can help them immensely. It points them towards the exact location and what all to check out accurately.

The focus should be on narrowing down to one targeted angle. Thus, these museum blogs can help such people make the best use of their limited time.

Water Parks and Amusement Parks:

These ideas make for great travel blog posts focusing on families and youngsters. It offers a massive avenue for bloggers to draw ideas from. With every city offering certain water park services, there is a lot of content to write on.

Festivals and Carnivals:

Regardless of the season, time, or cities, festivals and carnivals are a common sight on trips and travels. The one benefit is that these ideas belong to a niche category already.

Bloggers can focus on festivals related to specific seasons and cities. Thus, it provides a huge chance for travel blogging purposes.

To add a personal touch to the blogs, you can even add your own experience.


Ideas related to bookstores are a great addition to this list of travel blog ideas. It is among those things that are very apt, but people miss out on it. Who doesn’t love to come across a small and cozy bookstore in the middle of nowhere?

In fact, some people especially make it a point to find such spots during their travels. Thus, these arrays of ideas open up a lot of avenues for bloggers to thrive on.

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Travel Blog Ideas on Restaurants:

Food Trucks:

Some people travel to experience the local cuisine and specialties of a particular area. With that in mind, Food trucks make for a great way to experience the local culture and food of a city. At the same time, it is also true that not every food truck is worth spending time and money on.

Thus, through blogs on food trucks, you can save them all the trouble and point them in the right direction.

Coffee shops and Hidden Restaurants:

A great article to always write about those hidden restaurant’s coffee shops you discover while in your travels. You can talk about how the coffee was how strong the Wi-Fi is or is not.

These would make for a refreshing list for any travel hungry reader.

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Wrapping it up:

There many ways to write a travel blog, and many stories you can tell just about anything. The key is lays in discovering your voice and what topics you find most exciting to talk about!

If you’re feeling inspired, I wrote an article about How to Start a Travel Blog you can read.

What are your thoughts?

  • What suggestions you have for people to write better blog articles?
  • How do you find inspiration for what you write?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks to suggest?

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, I hope you found the information in it useful and inspirational when you pursue a life of a travel blog.

Much love,

Tim on a Rock
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