A Day Adventure to the Hidden “Suối Khe Ram” Mountain Stream

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A Day Adventure to the Hidden “Suối Khe Ram” Mountain Stream

Sitting at a mountain stream, such as Suối Khe Ram and forgetting your worries is a great way to relax and find clarity. The beautiful scenery and the sound of the water flowing by will help you unplug and find peace. Clear Mountain water is great for swimming in, lounging by, and enjoy.

It was 8:30 AM when my friend @trangbaby gave me a call on Facebook. They were going to be heading out to a mountain stream for the day and leaving at 9:00 AM, she asked if I wanted to go.

At this point I had been up since about 5:30 AM, I got my blog articles written for @dbuzz and my personal site scheduled, the crypto market was all red (*such a bloodbath), didn’t seem like too much else to do, so I said heck yeah! I wrote more about this in my article “Traveling With A Beginner’s Mind” With that took a shower and packed my bags, put the leash on @kooza and in 35 minutes, @trangbaby picked me up and we were speeding off down the road to adventure.

Our goal for today was to reach a nice river location. At the time I did not know where it was or what it was called, however I just trusted the adventureich and tried to take the advice in the article I wrote on how to approach traveling with the beginner’s mind ( https://roamingsparrow.com/how-to/how-to-approach-traveling-with-a-beginners-mind/ ).

Upon further research the next day I discovered the location was called “Suối Khe Ram”, It would be about an hour long ride to get to the location. You can see it on google here : https://goo.gl/maps/gqbLvnGsABH9F8n69

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On this adventure today was, @trangbaby, @babeltrips, @dodovietnam and his freind “Tam” and thier 2 dogs, also, Lola, and my puppy @kooza. All in all I would say a good adventure crew!

The ride to our Meetup location was beautiful along the bay here in Danang. You can look out over the ocean bay and see the distant city behind you in the mountains in front of you. So dam nice!

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We all linked up at the end of the beach before turning down the road towards the mountains towards Suối Khe Ram. Here linked up shared a few laughs awaited prayer wells to arrive were heading off.

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The beach here look really stunning, but I can imagine being cooked alive during the daytime sitting out in that sun. Lol.

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Now that everyone together we headed down the road and drove together to the stream hidden in the mountain, Suối Khe Ram.

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Our first stop was at a small sugarcane juicing roadside store. Farmers and locals sat around stripping the bark from sugarcane’s and getting them ready for juicing. A large bottle of sugarcane juice freshly made cost abut 20k VND.

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With a few bottles of juice is time to head to our location down the road we went. This gem hidden, in the Mountains behind the sugarcane fields, down dusty roads was truly a magnificent find, Suối Khe Ram was close!

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Eventually we arrived at the river where the road just sort of dove into Suối Khe Ram. This was our stopping point where we proceeded on foot weighed up the river.

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@kooza was a bit hesitant at first but after he saw @babeltrips start walking the river he jumped right in and follow along. lol.

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We waited in to the river walked up the stream about maybe 50 yards (45.72 m), here there was a nice wooden deck that was built that would be our home for the afternoon.

When we arrived some locals warned us that police may come the afternoon and kicked everybody out / fine people (*due to lockdown restrictions). So we engaged in proper social distancing, and all sat at least a few meters apart.

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Lola and I built a rock Castle in the middle of the stream past some time, the crystal clear waters were a pleasure to look through walls searching for pebbles and stones to use. While I lay the bigger stones, Lola decorated with smaller ones and together we built quite a masterpiece.

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After this the amazing @babeltrips made us all some Virgin mojitos using the sugarcane juice that we bought earlier on. This was a refreshing delight that was quite amazing. Drinking mojitos having some lunch such as sticky rice that @trangbaby bought, and fruits, by the rivers edge was most epic.

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We end up taking a nice nap on this wooden dock, just sitting there enjoying the quietness of nature as mosquitoes and bugs buzzed around, the babbling of the brook like a mother’s bedtime song putting you to sleep gently in the afternoon.

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After maybe an hours so some locals arrived on a motorbike and told us that it was time to go, that the police were probably going to be here soon kick everybody out. We had our doubts, perhaps they were just trying get the place to themselves, but either way we reach the end of the day and it was our time to head back.

We packed up everything and headed down the path back to our motorbikes to head home.

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Mountain stream 15 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

I took a picture of the sign for this location is I wasn’t quite sure I remember how to get here, and did not know it already had a name. Further I was told that they might make it into a place you have to pay to visit in the future, and that would make sense.

While we were there we did pack up everything we brought in and also picked up some extra trash on the way, but there was signs that others did not pack up everything they brought in … plastic and litter starting to show up.

Charging admission but having someone on site to ensure things get clean would be a good idea. You can read more in this article here about being a responsible traveler.

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I also found these big bushes, wooden fences rocks and grass to be quite in harmony, I found it beautiful.

Mountain stream 20 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

@kooza was excited to get back on the motorbike but he also wanted to keep playing, So did I. lol

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On the way back we stopped next to some sugarcane fields and took some photos of these amazing looking plants.

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The ride back was beautiful and as @trangbaby was driving, I had a chance to take some photos of the passing scenery.

Mountain stream 27 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

Mountain stream 16 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

@dodovietnam and his freind took an alternate route back, however the rest of us went back way became our final point together was when the train blocked the road and zipped past,

Mountain stream 23 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

After this we all headed back our own separate ways. Saying goodbye to the most awesome @trangbaby, @kooza and I went inside and took a long nap. That little puppy was beat, I took him for a walk later on that evening, but then we went inside he slept all night. Lol

It was a great adventure, with some very nice freinds, and a nice way to get out of the city for little bit during these stressful times.

Thank you for take the time to read my post I hope you found interesting.

Much love

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