Traveling in Southern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Traveling in Southern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Traveling in Southern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Traveling in Southern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Traveling in Southern Vietnam, in recent times, Southern Vietnam has become one of the most relaxing vacation destinations in Asia. Besides the French Colonial remnants and the beautiful beaches nearby, it is a perfect blend of modern and traditional scenes.

While most people opt for Northern Vietnam, South Vietnam has just as much to offer as the other regions. If you consider exploring this little heaven on Earth, it could be the best decision you will ever make. Read on to get a quick glimpse of what traveling in Southern Vietnam is like!

The Best time to travel

Southern Vietnam is humid most of the year, and it receives frequent and heavy downpour during the monsoons. While the winters are bearably cold, Spring and winter are the peak seasons in this region.

The southern region is functional throughout the year, but we recommend visiting between November to April to make the most of your trip.

Also, prep yourself to learn how to ride a two-wheeler or at least float on water. Since you will be riding a lot and be near water bodies, you will want to test the waters wherever you go.

Must Visit Locations In Southern Vietnam

Besides the famous metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne, here are some places you cannot miss if you are there for more than three days.

Can Tho

Can Tho : Must Visit Locations In Southern Vietnam
Can Tho : Must Visit Locations In Southern Vietnam

Visiting Southern Vietnam is not complete without a trip to the floating market at Can Tho. It is the center for all things commercial, local or international. You can witness the variety of products and how the locals handle their business in the frail boats with so much grit and authenticity. You might also get to see python and crocodile farms here.

Google Map link :


For nature lovers, Dalat is a quick escape from the bustling town and the noisy crowd. The region is surrounded by valleys and numerous waterfalls that will take your breath away. In this region, you can experience the taste of locally blended coffee and witness the famous Elephant Falls on the way.

Google Map link :

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet : Must Visit Locations In Southern Vietnam
Phan Thiet : Must Visit Locations In Southern Vietnam

As for the seafood lover, Phan Thiet is the place to go! The picturesque coastline has plenty of delicious, exotic fresh seafood sourced from the Central Coast. You can taste various dishes from all over the world, ingenious sauces, and fresh fruits while overlooking the sun dunes. You will also find trendsetters and soul searchers in the same location! It is a blend of the exotic and the luxurious in a day.

Google Map link :

Phu Quoc Island

If you want to experience untouched beaches with a serene view, head to Phu Quoc Island. It is located in the southern-most part of the region and is becoming popular among tourists only recently. You will find plenty of privacy in Vang Bau and Cua Can as they are less inhibited. These beaches are covered with the cleanest sand, low rising warm waters, and plenty of crustaceans and starfish.

Google Map link :

Other places you can visit are Hue for the exotic temples, Mekong Delta, Cu Chi Tunnels, Bin Tay Market, and Giac Lam Pagoda. Besides these, there are lots of places famous for ancient art and modern architectural structures. To experience the balance of tradition and serenity, with stylish and exotic, make sure you put Southern Vietnam in your bucket list.

  • What are your thoughts on these locations have you been?

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope your days are Amazing.

Traveling in Central Vietnam

Traveling in Central Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Travelling in Central Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Traveling in Central Vietnam. Have you been thinking about what it’s like in central Vietnam? Because most of the popular tourist spots are located in Northern Vietnam, people assume that’s all that the country has to offer. When it comes to Vietnam, most people think of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as the first options. But they couldn’t be more wrong!

And I will tell you why.

Central Vietnam is home to some of the most intriguing attractions of the country, but less visited than the rest of the country. So if you are interested in heading to Vietnam, you can take a few points before you go.

The Best Time to Visit Central Vietnam

Vietnam is divided into three main regions: North, South, and Central, because of its geographical shape. All these three regions differ in climate throughout the year. The Central area has rainy weather most of the year, so the best time is from early spring or early fall when it is dry but colder.

The summer seasons are humid, and the rainy seasons can get extreme, leading to floods and typhoons. During these two kinds of weather, sometimes transportation and events come to a complete stop. So to avoid any traveling disasters, you should visit During October, or February and March.

Must Visit Locations In Central Vietnam

Hna Trang

You can start your journey in Hna Trang, also known as the Pearl of Central Vietnam. The city lies along the coast of crystal clear beach with hundreds of modern hotels and resorts to check out. You can enjoy luxurious services and even explore the pristine beaches nearby. Amid the flashy modern city, you can also getaway to the famous Cham Temple and break from the opulent world.

Google Map link :

Da Lat

Da Lat : Traveling in Central Vietnam
Da Lat : Traveling in Central Vietnam

If the city lights and noise of Hna Trang is too much for relaxation, you can unwind next to the Da Lat valley. The area stands amid open green valleys covered in colorful flowers and trees. If you happen to be there during the peak season, you will love the picturesque landscapes suitable for a romantic getaway. You will also find the most elaborate choice of Vietnamese street food and local fruit products. Truly a haven for food bloggers and social media influencers!

Google Map link :

Hoi An

Hoi An : Traveling in Central Vietnam
Hoi An : Traveling in Central Vietnam

For a more traditional experience, you can head to Hoi An, about 25 Kms south from Da Nang. The yellow architectures and lantern-lit lakes will transport you to the 19th Century scene and make you feel like you are in the movies. You can also trade for local products and authentic traditional crafts to remind you of your experience there.

Google Map link :

Quang Binh

If you are feeling more adventurous and daring, we suggest you head to Quang Binh. It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses more than 300 caves in grotto style. Each cave is unique with different limestone formation, vegetation, and landscapes within. You will also find the larges

Google Map link :

Besides these places, you can also explore Hue’s temples and go elephant safari at Buon Ma Thuot or relax at Mui Ne Beach. There are so many other beautiful places to explore in Central Vietnam, so why not book your tickets and start your adventure ASAP?

  • What are your thoughts on these locations have you been?

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Travelling in Northern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Travelling in Northern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Travelling in Northern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

If you have been wanderlust-ing over green sceneries and beautiful bays, start with Northern Vietnam. Not only is this destination still an under-rated tourist destination, but it also offers numerous exciting experiences at a friendly budget. Today I will share with you a few places you should include on your itinerary when traveling to Vietnam.

Before you go travelling in Northern Vietnam :

The climate is humid and hot most of the year. So, the best time to visit Northern Vietnam is either in Spring or Autumn. The months between March to April or September to November before the cold winter starts are the most practical.

Also, learning how to ride a two-wheeler is a big bonus in Vietnam. That’s because it is the most common means of transport. It makes it faster and easier to navigate through the sometimes chaotic traffic in the main cities.

Must Visit Locations In Northern Vietnam

Cat Ba Island:

Bird-eye view of the Cat Ba Island is a beautiful and rare spectrum of tiny hills rising from the bay. It is the largest of the other 360 islands. The Cat Ba Island houses low-rise colorful hotels that add vibrancy to the already spectacular location. Whether you want to trek the hills, bike, or cycle through the paths or engage in water sports, it is all possible right here!

Google Map link :


Hanoi : Travelling in Northern VietnamThe nation’s capital is an exhilarating combination of western and eastern cultures. The French colonial influence is visible in the architecture and cuisine. But the main attraction is the incredible temples that date back to the 11th century. Make sure you don’t miss out on the historical Ho Chi Minh Museum and Mausoleum to travel back in time.

Google Map link :

Tam Coc:

Tam Coc is known for the green paddy fields amid limestone rock formations and cliffs. If you are looking for a calm place to catch a breath and feast your eyes, float through Tam Coc tunnels in local rafts or rowboats with miles of green paddies on both sides of the river bank.

Google Map link :

Ha Giang Province:

If you prefer an elevated view of the paddies, you can also go to Ha Giang Province near the China border. This part of the country’s vantage point presents the world’s best paddy field views within folds of lush greens mountains.

Google Map link :

Detian Falls or the Ban Gioc:

Situated on the border with China, you will find the three-stage waterfall cascading dramatically to small pools surrounded by lush green vegetation. You can use the rafts to chill in the pools or even take the 53rd merestone and hop on to China in a second legally!

Google Map link :

Halong Bay:

Halong bay : Travelling in Northern VietnamIt is the most well-known tourist destination in the whole of Vietnam and rightly so! The view is breath-taking and genuinely wonderful. The limestones that stick out of the bay and takes the shape of a “descending dragon” aptly translates to “Halong.” You can enjoy a leisurely day cruise and the night view of the spectacular sky over the unpolluted skies.

Google Map link :


Besides these places, Northern Vietnam is a traveller’s haven because there are so many places to visit and things you can do. Once you land there, you will find that every direction is a breath-taking backdrop for stunning selfies and creative videos.

So are you ready for a natural boost in the most spectacular part of the world? Add this to your list now!

What are your thoughts on these locations have you been?
Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope your days are Amazing.

 Hike To Mui Nghe, Danang Vietnam 

Hike To Mui Nghe, Danang Vietnam


Mui Nghe or written in Vietnamese as Mũi Nghê is located on the southeast tip of the Son Tra peninsula in Danang Vietnam. This hidden gem is a sketchy hike down from a blocked off entranceway but provides a remarkable natural tide pool and the first rays of light from the rising Sun.

Come with me on this journey as I take you to see this remarkable place.

Mui Nghe Danang Vietnam

To get to this hiking location you have to travel to the very end of the peninsula. You also have to have a semi-automatic motorbike or a manual motorbike to get there as the guards will not let you into the peninsula without one. You will see in the image below where the road stops, this is where you need to have the manual or semi-automatic bike to proceed forward or hire a driver in a car.

Getting to Mui Nghe

This is literally the end of the road.
This is also where I’m going to insert a bit of a warning.
There was this big sign pictured below.

The guide we had with us said don’t worry about it, and that it was fine to go hiking here still. lol… However, upon returning the guards had let the air out of our back tires on our bikes, as punishment for disobeying the sign. People the Passive Had Their Bikes Taken Away We Were Told As Well.

So be forewarned if you come here do not disrespect the sign, for if you do be prepared to pay the consequences.

Lastly, I will note that they put the sign up as several tourists have died in this area or have become lost on the path so they have stopped people from coming here.

The path down the initial hill was very steep.

Sometimes the path was almost fully overgrown as well with vines and roots, we almost got lost as well by taking one wrong turn.

Other parts of the path were quite relaxing however with a nice jungle stroll.
You eventually break free of the jungle and emerge see the ocean horizon.

There are some more rocky cliffs to scale down before reaching the water.
but eventually, we turned the bend and saw our destination

Nestled in the shadow of this lion rock was a little title pool, everyday freshwater would come in washout the previous day’s pool. Swimming here was quite relaxing and delightful.
Splashing around having some fun

I also managed to get a picture of my friends on top of the rock. this was a very fun group of people!

We also spent time gathering up floating plastic that we found here and carried it out with us

Then more people start showing up and it was our cue to head back to the bikes.
The hike back up was sort of uneventful, but it was nice to work the legs get the stress of going up the big hill.

We got back to the bikes that is when I noticed that my back tire was flat.

One of the guides up the road said that the security guards will come and let the air out your tire if you break the rules.

Not too sure what else to do or who to call I decided to drive for a bit on the flat tire And try to find assistance… This was a mistake I discovered about a mile down the road when this happened.

lol. So I started to push my bike and eventually a local Vietnamese person took pity on me, told me to stop and they called a mechanic to come help.

So I sat next to these monkey statues and waited…

and I enjoyed a nice view…

Eventually, the mechanic came and fixed my tire. I drove back to my house to have a coconut juice and a nap.

All in all a very exciting day.

Lessons were learned, and memories were made.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this article and you may consider doing an adventure yourself one day to a forbidden hiking place… but don’t do it. 😉

2 months, 2 people, Vietnam - Photos & Stories while on Motorbikes.

2 months, 2 people, Vietnam   Photos & Stories while on Motorbikes.

Join the team and help sponsor the expedition!

Here is the story!

COIVD-19 has impacted many industries; tourism is one of the hardest hit. Travelers who are stuck at home are hungry to see and experience travel, but can not. Moreover, the majority of photographers travel bloggers who usually blaze travel paths, share stories, and photos from travel, are laying low.

These factors contribute to a slowing of the tourism engine globally and in Vietnam. This slowdown is also creating a vacuum of consumers who enjoy seeing pictures and reading stories of travel but now cant.

I find myself in a unique position. I have been living and working in Vietnam for seven months. When COVID exploded, I stayed in Vietnam to ride out the storm. Now with quarantine coming to an end, I want to help my Vietnamese friends and provide media for those who enjoy reading travel.

Here is whats going to happen :

This project intends to:

  • Raise more awareness of Vietnam and its beauty.
  • Encourage people to come to explore the country.
  • Create a body of photography artwork highlighting Vietnam.

The way I intend to accomplish this.

My self and a local Vietnamese photographer will set out for a two-month cross country travel on motorbikes. We will leave from Hoi An in central Vietnam and travel North. From their journey through the mountain passes next to China. We will continue down along the Ho Chi Minh Trail with Laos and into the deep South. Touring the Mekong Delta and a few of the islands, then back North again to Hoi An. This journey will take about two months.

While on the road, we will be posting photos each day to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media channels. Also, we will be publishing blog posts in both Vietnamese and English about the stories we encounter.

Each day we estimate between 10 to 20 great photos taken on DSLR equivalent cameras (600 – 1,200 photos in total), along with 2 photos posted to Instagram daily, and 2 to facebook (*from either edited photos or camera photos).
Additionally, each week we will be posting two articles at 500 words or more to a blog and additional media platforms.

After returning to Hoi An, we will select a body of work to use in a gallery opening. We will also publish a photo journal book about this experience along with selected stories.

This cant be done alone...

Here is where we need your sponsorship
to make this expedition a reality

Here is what it will take.

Transparency : Expedition Expenses

Avarage Costs per day Per Day
(1 person)
Total VND
1 Person 1 Month
Total in USD
Motor Bikes Rental 100,000 3,000,000.00 $129.00
Fuel 100,000 3,000,000.00 $129.00
Meals 150,000 4,500,000.00 $193.50
Accommodations 75,000 2,250,000.00 $96.75
Unforeseen costs 75,000 2,250,000.00 $96.75
Total Cost for 1 person 15,000,000.00 $645.00
Total cost for two people 30,000,000.00 $1,290.00
Cost for Second month 60,000,000.00 $2,580.00
Needed Equipment VND USD
Video Camera 11,800,000.00 $507.40
Lap Top 11,700,000.00 $503.10
Video Gear 11,700,000.00 $503.10
Bike Equipment 10,000,000 $430.00
Total 45,200,000.00 $1,943.60
Grand Total 105,200,000.00 $4,523.60

We can offer in exchange for sponsorship.

Depending on what level you like to sponsor, we have many ways of saying thank you.

  • Your name and a link included in our daily social media posts. (Estimated at 120+ reposted on six distribution channels)
  • Your name and a link/logo included in our weekly blog posts. (Estimated at 16 articles at 500 words+ reposted on six distribution channels)
  • Your name and logo included as a sponsor in our art gallery showing (Date and location TBD).
  • Your name and logo included in the print on demand photo journal book (Release date TBD).
  • You would have media use rights to the photos taken on the journey (We would retain ownership, but you may use the images in your marketing).
  • We are also happy to discuss other creative ways of saying thank you.

Any funding received more than our ask will go towards additional gear, or into production cost for the gallery show or art book

Questions? Contact me!

Add Your Sponsorship Here!

Any amount will go a long way to making this expeditionary a reality.

If you wish to discus other sponsorship ideas, such as using your gear in photos while on the expedition, please reach out and contact. Very excited to entertain any idea that can help facility bringing this project to a successful completion!

Your Donation

" I chose life over death for myself and my friends... I believe it is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all. "

— Ernest Shackleton


Without people like you, many stories would be lost.

Thank you for your support, even if it only reading this post, or sharing it on Social Media. Exposure, contributions, and positive messages all are needed.

If you have any ideas, or comments, please send a message. It would be a delight to hear from you.

See you down the road and Stay Tuned for updates!

Drawer Studios

Adventure to Drawer Studios

Adventure to Drawer Studios

Drawer Studios

One of the assignments given to me while working here in Hoi An was to take photos of artists. The process of reaching out and discovering talented artists was challenging. However, after a few dead ends, I connected with a great group of local artists and had the pleasure of going to visit several art studios. You can read my other post about this as well.

One of the artists had a studio called Drawer Studios located just outside of town. This studio was a surprise. Stepping off my motorbike and venturing down the stairs, space opened up to a three-story indoor artist studio. Ever wall and had art hanging. There was even a giant old Russian movie projector used for showing propaganda films!

Drawer Studios

What was very enjoyable, was that the backdoors were open to some wetlands. From these open doors, the song of frogs and crickets chirping wafted in. You could tell this was a place to make art, to be creative, and unwind.

Drawer Studios

Đinh Quang Hải is the lucky artist that calls Drawer studios his home. After greeting me, he went back to work busy laying down artistic brush strokes, one after another, as I walked about capturing the moment.

Read one of our previous articles here.

Drawer Studios

After a bit, I sat next to the artist. With relaxing music playing in the background, we talked for a moment about life, art, and enjoyment. Hải mentioned to me how he was a professional photographer for a while then changed into watercolor paintings and some oil work as well.

Drawer Studios

Here are some photos of my time with Đinh Quang Hải Overhead, his studio known as “Drawer Studios.”

Đinh Quang Hải:
You can find the Drawer Studios online at

Sound system in the studio

Artist working in the studio

A dog in the studio

The Hoi An Museum

The Hoi An Museum

If you are motorbiking around the streets of Hoi An or even walking, it’s easy to miss the Hoi An Museum, this unassuming building sits at a busy intersection but gets no attention.

From the outside, it looks like a big government style building. Its design is reminiscent of the Communist design style of big with hard edges. But it is The Quan Yin pagoda house. Inside holds over two thousand years of the history of Hoi An and its culture.

Generally speaking, it has decent exhibits (*tho at times some of the translations are a bit off) and a fair all-around record of Hoi An’s past.

Read one of our previous articles here.

The Floors of The Hoi An Museum:

There is not too much on the first floor, but I assume it some general offices or classrooms? When you proceed up the center staircase, you get to the second floor. Here a guard/ticket takes will instruct you to pay them.

Here is where the more decent exhibits start — the main two chunks of time covered on this floor are the Cham history and trading history — also a somber account of the Vietnam (American) war. From my perspective, as an American, it was interesting to see the other side of the coin. In the history books and our media, we are told one hand, here you are told another side. In all accounts, however, it was an unfortunate war. I feel this was also the strongest point of the museum.

Up another level, and you come to a hodgepodge of things. Floor three includes some old equipment used in everyday life and some old household equipment. You can also find artworks from locals. The highlight of this floor to me was the photography section. It highlights some fantastic images from a local photographer.

The Hoi An MuseumLast, you get to the rooftop. Being that the Hoi An Museum is the tallest building in town, a commanding view of the city greets you when you arrive at the top.

The Hoi An MuseumSparrow Thoughts:

While it is a tiny museum, it does provide you with a unique insight into Hoi An’s past. While I may not actively seek to return to see it again, it was worth the cost of admission and an excellent way to eat up 30 – 60 minutes when the day was its hottest.

Ticket cost was 120,000VND (About $5)
The ticket also includes access to four other sites around the area.

The Hoi An MuseumThe Hoi An Museum

Duc gallery : Hoi An : Vietnam

Duc gallery : Hoi An : Vietnam

Duc GalleryDuc gallery: 47/10 Tran Hung Dao
Taken on Monday, October 21, 2019
Photographer: Tim Mack /
Duc Bet Can is online at:

Duc GalleryAbout the Duc Bet gallery:

Duc’s motto is:

“Creative, positive thinking artists. Enjoying life and sharing.”

He lives this motto every day, 100%.

I had the pleasure of meeting Duc and spending some time with him and the artists he works with the other day. His zest for life, painting, and making art is, to say the least refreshing!

Read one of our previous articles here.

Duc GalleryWhen I meet up with Duc, he and his crew were hard at work, hanging a new show at a local gallery in Hoi An. While it was only a short handshake with me, they went back to work right away, putting up quite detailed works of art.

The Duc Gallery is about displaying the artworks of freelance artists; they organize art shows and exhibitions, host workshops, assemble group works and create creative collaborations.

Duc GalleryThe Duc Gallery, from my conversation with them, wants to organize more exhibitions in Hoi An for the local creative’s and bring more international artists from Vietnam and the world to show here.

Duc studio’s artists also collaborate in gorgeous artworks such as frescoes, mural paintings, artworks for resorts, hotels, and other public spaces.

Duc Gallery Workshops:

In my conversation with the owner “Duc,” the gallery also hosts workshops that are for children in the city. They are starting to as well hold two-hour workshops for tourists, locals, and visiting artists.

Who is Duc form the Duc Gallery?

Duc is a painter who grew up in Hanoi to the south. He moved to Hoi An about six years ago and fell in love with the city. Since moving to Hoi An, Duc is regularly commissioned by numerous resorts, hotels, cafes, and private collectors for unique works.

These are photos of him and his crew hanging the gallery show and pictures of him working on a painting at his home.

Sparrow Thoughts:

If you end up visiting Hoi An and are a fan of art, I recommend you check out Duc’s studio. Tell him the guy with the wired curly mustache says hello.

A walk in a Vietnamese Cemetery

A walk in a Vietnamese Cemetery

Just outside of Hoi An to the south are small back roads. These meandering paths provide plenty of vistas and photo-worthy points to stop and enjoy. They are also the roads I take into my teaching job most days.

A spot that intrigued me is a small cemetery that I frequently drive past. Most times, cows are grazing next to this resting place of the dead. The busy-ish back road that is a highway has motorbikes zipping past. Its quite easy to overlook, however today I stopped and took a walk in a Vietnamese Cemetery.



I am not versed in the traditions and honoring of the dead in Vietnam. Also, my combined time in every Vietnamese cemetery is limited to just this experience for the moment. The opinions and thoughts mused in this article are perhaps under-informed. Furthermore, you should not take them too seriously.


A few things jumped out at me right away. The first is the overgrowth of plants here. Back int he states (America), the majority of cemeteries (or at least those close to lager, smaller cities), are mowed and trimmed. Here I did not get that vibe. It was in a lot of ways, beautiful.

The next thing I took note of was how the majority of all graves were above-ground interment chambers. Chambers like this make sense, however, as it rains a lot, and underground may result in some float away dead.

Pun intended, I thought most cemeteries were sorta a “dead end” streets, which means that it was not a through road, just a gate and the grounds. However, here, the small paths in the cemetery were, in fact, a busy route. At one point, I saw a motorbike driver, stop and urinate on a gravesite. Sure, when you got to go, you got to go, yet to pee on a grave, that to me seemed a bit much — going to chalk this one up to different cultures and different ideas of the dead.

Read one of my previous article about Vietnam here.

Here are a few more photos of this adventure in a city of the dead. I do intend to walk around a few more cemeteries and compare experiences. Also, it would be nice to have a conversation with a local about traditions and last rights.

I enjoyed this photo of the cows int eh background. 🙂

For this dragon fly as well, it was not dead!

Just so we end on a happy note, here are some other photos I took on the rest of the drive into my work after this layover.

Goats!! Today I was almost run of the road by goats. That made my day for some reason.

This last photo takes my breath away. Them distant mountains. Dam I love it!

Slice of Life - Vietnam part 2

Slice of Life - Vietnam part 2

Vietnam is one crazy place. The best way I can describe it is that perhaps it is like a schoolyard. Sure, a schoolyard – it looks like a bunch of people running around to the untrained eye, but there are schoolyard rules that everyone follows. No one wants to be the one that breaks the rules, but some do, some don’t care. Vietnam is like one big schoolyard with many unspoken rules and unsaid understandings.

slice of lifeExample driving. I know there are driving rules; I know there are methods and ways you should drive… there are operating rules and such… but, I get the feeling more people don’t take the tests, but they all follow these rules. This example is just one of many cases of the unsaid regulations I see here.

Here is another slice of life photo section of images I have taken while living a slice of life here in the big old Vietnam. Let’s dive into these photos and have some fun.

Read one our previous articles here.

slice of life

I stumbled across this gem of a building on a back road. It was the only tower of a building. The idea that is said No Ke (like pitch) … Hahaha. I had to stop the motorbike and take a photo of it. Speaking of things I enjoy stoping the bike for… …

Chickens! Well, in this case, a roster. IDK.. just seeing these majestic birds clucking and strutting around makes me happy. Do I want to be a farmer? Hell no… but I like to see chickens. Hmm.. going to have to think about this for a while of why.

The endless roads that t=strech out into fields forever… DAM, I love it.

On the topic of roads, here is a bridge where the middle section of the bridge collapsed, and both sides of the bridge were blocked off, however, the locals just chipped through the blockades, then built this mini bridge over the collapsed part. So smart!

Slice of Life

Fishing nets. Just post this here as a teaser… I will be going out to shoot these in the AM when the sun is coming up soon!! Classic and epic. Or at least I hope.

Slice of Life

I am also admiring the color of the boats here. The teals and shades they capture, it is tropical and entertaining.

Slice of Life

This is AVADACO COFFEE!! WHAT? I know I know, you are like “wtf”. I was too. But Had to try it cause “Wtf”. and well, IT WAS AMAZING! So, if you get the chance, drink it!

Ok, that is just a small update for today. I hope you enjoyed this slice of life post from Hoi An and around.