Embracing the Nonstop Adventure of My Whirlwind Asia Trip
Embracing the Nonstop Adventure of My Whirlwind Asia Trip

Embracing the Nonstop Adventure of My Whirlwind Asia Trip

Embracing the Nonstop Adventure of My Whirlwind Asia Trip

Hello, globe-hopping friends.

What a wild multi-day, multi-flight, transcontinental adventure it has been, friends!

Let me break it down for you all in this blog post recap of my exhilarating but exhausting trip spanning Asia and North America:

☑️ Up all night Friday unable to sleep in excitement for my 6am Saturday flight from Hartford to Chicago. The 2 hour flight was smooth but then I had a 2 hour layover in the Windy City.

Landing in Chichgo
Landing in Chicago
I think this was the Chicago Airport… but.. who knows?


As I dashed through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport trying to make my connecting flight en route to Asia, I couldn’t help but pause to admire the architectural aesthetic of the bustling transportation hub. The soaring ceilings, exposed pipes and ductwork, towering windows, and metallic finishes gave the entire space an unconventional warehouse-like ambiance, even while filled with the usual airport shops and restaurants.

It felt to me almost like Chicago was proudly paying homage to its industrial manufacturing history by rejecting the sterile, cookie-cutter designs found in most airports. As if intentionally decorated to resemble the interior of an old factory, O’Hare has loads more visual character. While rushing to my gate through groups of travelers, I felt oddly nostalgic about the golden age of American production and industry. The prominent steel trusses and overhead glass windows furthered the sensation that I was dashing through a working industrial plant rather than a state-of-the-art airport.

The uniqueness and unexpected atmosphere almost made my lengthy layover enjoyable. Someday when I’m not racing to another flight, I’ll have to return to Chicago O’Hare just to soak in and photograph that one-of-a-kind airport ambiance homage to factories of the past.


☑️ Next came the big one – my 13-HOUR Saturday marathon flight from Chicago to Tokyo! I mainly tried to sleep and watch movies while cruising over the Pacific.

I landed in Japan on Sunday night(? Well, time zones make it hard to tell!) for a 4-hour layover.

In-flight… so many flights.

Tokyo’s Narita International Airport

With hours left before my flight to Vietnam, I found myself restless and eager for distraction from the monotony of airport lounging. I decided to wander around Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to stretch my legs and discover some of its secrets. Passing moving walkways full of passengers, I eventually popped out int terminal wing housing a couple of cafes and souvenir shops. But what really caught my eye was an art installation (ad?)  – a sculpture of a cat made entirely from neon LED tubes!

Approaching the display, I admired the creative use of glowing materials to construct the shape of a sitting feline. The cat appeared in traditional good luck fashion with one paw up, its torso formed from red LED strips while vibrant blue tubing articulated the legs, ears, and tail. The high-tech sculpture seemed a fitting embodiment of Tokyo’s futuristic reputation on the cutting edge.

While airports often feature art displays as part of local culture promotion efforts, this LED cat was the perfect blend of innovation and whimsy to capture the essence of Japan’s hip capital. The surrounding selfie-snapping passengers confirmed the installation’s popularity. Unable to resist, I also grabbed a few photos with the infamous cool cat of Tokyo’s airport before my departure. Those images will always remind me of the brief delight brightening up my eyes.

This was an almosstendless tube at the air port I walked for EVER in.


☑️ Final leg was the roughly 8 hour hop from Tokyo to my destination of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Monday morning around 12:05am. But the craziness wasn’t over yet…

Ho Chi Minh City Airport 1 day lay over

My airport misadventure continued in Ho Chi Minh City after arriving from Tokyo at midnight. I knew I faced visa challenges, but assumed the airport staff could sort things in the morning. However upon inquiring at 8am when desks opened, I was told to keep waiting – for days potentially! By 5pm, defeated yet resourceful, I booked an onward flight to Bangkok for 8am instead. But a catch – I was confined to the international terminal without valid papers while the airline counters were located in the domestic wing.

Thankfully national carrier Vietnam Airlines could sell me a ticket. With that secured, I found some food and an open bench to camp on for the night. Trying to sleep, I chuckled at travelers slumbering on the floor in a corner clearly marked “No Sleeping.” Rules ignored, we were all impromptu comrades in airport purgatory. Attempting rest on the hard bench, I was awoken at dawn by the morning rush swirling around me. Bleary-eyed but ticket-confirmed, I shuffled the churning crowds to my departure gate, praying for an end to this travel tribulation.

☑️In summary, Visa issues meant I had to immediately book an onward flight out that the next morning! So there I was, posted up in the HCMC airport for over 24 hours, on 2 hours of sleep getting ready to fly to Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday morning.


Ahh, my trusty bed for the night.
It’s still looking fresh, I think… but not smelling fresh, that was for sure. hahaha

This travel game sure keeps you on your toes!

Loaded up and off to BKK.


While totally exhausting both physically and mentally, the nonstop excitement and need to rapidly adapt to changing situations is part of why I love the unpredictable digital nomad lifestyle.

You have to be willing to embrace unexpected adventures and roadblocks when you deliberately step so far outside your comfort zone!


Luckily the destination change to Bangkok ended up being a wonderful surprise. I’m resting up while also making time for all the spicy Thai street food and dazzling temples I can handle over the next few days before figuring out the visa situation.


So if any friends happen to be passing through Bangkok, hit me up! I’d love to meet up with a familiar face in between visa errands for some local sightseeing and story swapping sessions about our global wandering adventures! And I’m very open to insider tips on must-see places to visit in Bangkok before my next spontaneous hop to who knows where!


Stay wild out there, fellow travelers! ✈️ Don’t just dream about incredible global adventures – make them happen even when plans dramatically change! Approach each day with an open mind, and you never know what unexpected delights you may encounter.

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