Enjoying Sophisticated Libations & Silly Snaps at Al Bar
Enjoying Sophisticated Libations & Silly Snaps at Al Bar

Enjoying Sophisticated Libations & Silly Snaps at Al Bar

Enjoying Sophisticated Libations & Silly Snaps at Al Bar

Greetings, night crawlers!

Recently meeting up in Saigon with a globe-trotting buddy, we sought a suitably swanky yet cozy haunt for catching up over quality late-night tipples. Soon getting lost down a maze of alleys, a bit of perseverance uncovered an ideal atmospheric watering hole called Al Bar. Between goofy photo antics, bespoke cocktails and casual camaraderie, the elegant underground speakeasy delivered big on discreet indulgence.


AL Bar

Adress: 180 Lý Chính Thắng, Phường 9, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam

20231224_221907.jpg20231224_222114.jpgWhen our taxi dropped us at a nondescript corner, only a lone motorbike hinted that a lively nightspot hid inside the unmarked building. Waving at a lone person sitting outside, they noted that we jump over the closed gate as we did, in fact, find the right place; oening the front door, we, at last, emerged inside a splendidly sleek lounge, empty save one dapper bartender awaiting patrons.

20231224_222118.jpg20231224_222935.jpgClaiming a leather couch inside the striking industrial-chic space, we merrily arranged ourselves amidst wood and steel while surveying the top-shelf spirits collection. Soon we were clowning with selfies and snaps styled like some glitzy magazine shoot. Our mixologist “Sen” gladly played paparazzo, indulging further hamming.

20231224_235835.jpgBefore long, gorgeous bespoke Mai Tai cocktails arrived, ideal complements to the swanky atmosphere. We had settled into happy travel memory swapping when Sen returned to introduce us to the only other patrons – a couple visiting from California who had quietly entered. Friendly if low key, we exchanged a few polite travel stories between their Sazerac sips while Sen concocted an off-menu red shot for us all “on the house” – the first of several slyly appearing surprises!

20231224_230901.jpgBy midnight when we bid the spot adieu after the Californians’ early departure, the indulgent evening of laughs and quality libations capped my Saigon reunion perfectly.

Have your own memorable bar tales to share?

Please do share the story below! For now, here’s to more chance encounters where top-shelf spirits and hospitality pave paths to fast friendships.

Top Shelf Spider Man
Top Shelf Spider-Man

Random Musing

As much as I enjoy meeting friends for cocktails and conversations, a part of me craves more substance in how we spend quality time. Sharing libations undoubtedly forges bonds and elicits laughter. Yet I wonder if bars and booze provide too convenient a fallback for connecting compared to more creative shared activities that nurture relationships.

Don’t misinterpret – I cherish the camaraderie, release, and lively energy that a good Happy Hour or late night lounge session offers. Humans have congregated around spirits for millennia for clear reasons. But as adulthood assumes new priorities, we must intentionally strengthen ties that otherwise loosen.

Ruminating on how to deepen friendships, I question if whiskey-tinged tales still nurture roots when greater vulnerability and support could sustain us. Are we hiding behind quick consumption rather than exploring riskier meaning? My ideal nights involve more active listening, deeper support and leaving more fulfilled, not just tipsier.

For now though, I’ll continue welcoming opportunities to bond face-to-face however possible – even if cocktails provide the catalyst. But moving forward, I want to manifest more ways for friends new and old to share space that feeds souls, not just livers. The best connections deserve nurturing. My round next – but in moderation and without distraction. To wisdom and wellness!

What do you think?

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