Top Travel Blogs of 2021

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Top Travel Blogs of 2021

Are you searching for the top travel blogs of 2021 for inspiration? Traveling bloggers come in varied shapes and sizes, ranging from chefs and writers to backpackers and digital nomads. If yes, I am here to help you, regardless of whether you plan to be a traveling blogger or just looking for travel ideas.

This article presents a list of the top travel blogs of 2021 that can help you inspire through their travel adventures. Continue reading to know more about these top travel bloggers.

Lastly, this is the second article my series about “How to Start a Travel Blog“. Today it is about finding inspiration.

Some Best Travel Blogs in 2021:

TopTravelBlogs 2021 2 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

Wandering Earl:

Our first pick on this list is Wandering Earl, who has been on the constant move since 1999. Derek Earl Baron started his traveling lifestyle with a three-month vacation across Southeast Asia. But, this three-month trip has continued to this very day, and there are no signs of slowing down.

Wandering Earl is for anyone who’s looking for a wide range of travel resources. Besides, he doesn’t only share traveling stories but also gives practical advice for all kinds of travel goals.

In 2010, Derek Earl Baron started his travel blog to share his thoughts on his traveling experiences. Since 2012, he has been organizing trips for readers to some of his favorite countries.

Link to their web page:

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Expert Vagabond:

Expert Vagabond is another top travel blog that you can look up to in 2021, founded by Matthew Karsten. For the last ten years, he has been blogging about his traveling adventures, and he even travels with his wife and baby. That means you can expect a wide range of travel tips and advice from him.

One interesting thing about Matthew is that he’s a type of photographer who looks out for intense adventures. He often places himself and the readers in heart-pounding and obscure adventures, making him a world-class photographer.

His blog content covers many topics, such as destinations, travel budgeting, travel safety, photography, travel tips, etc. Besides, he has featured in several prominent publications, such as Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, and National Geography.

Link to their web page:

TopTravelBlogs 2021 8 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

Nomadic Matt:

Another well-recognized blog in the travel community is the Nomadic Matt, which the brainchild of Matthew Kepnes.

His nomadic lifestyle started with a simple trip to Costa Rica in 2004, where his entire life’s perspective changed forever. Today, he is a successful traveling blogger, but there is no sign of him slowing down.

Matthew is also famous as the New York Times best-selling author, which has captured millions of visitors and the world media platforms. His worth mentioning books include “Ten Years a Nomad” and “How to Travel the World on 50 Dollars a Day.”

His blog content covers several topics, such as travel gear, destinations, travel planning, travel insurance, saving money on travel, etc. Besides, the “Nomadic Network” is a famous travel forum that Matthew has been hosting during the last few years.

Link to their web page:

TopTravelBlogs 2021 4 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024


Another top travel blog of 2021 is TravelFreak, founded by Jeremy Scott Foster.

Although he started cluelessly with a one-way ticket, Jeremy is now one of the top travel bloggers. Additionally, many renowned publications, such as National Geographic, Forbes, and The New York Times, have featured this travel blog.

Jeremy’s main reason for creating the blog is to help people achieve their travel dreams by creating opportunities. Further, his blog covers a wide range of topics, such as travel gear, destinations, and travel insurance.

Overall, the TravelFreak is for anyone who wants everything about digital nomads and online entrepreneurs.

Link to their web page:

TopTravelBlogs 2021 5 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

The Blonde Abroad:

If you’re a female reader who’s planning to embark on a solo travel blog, then the Blonde Abroad should be on your top travel blog list.

The Blonde Abroad is a well-accomplished travel blogger in 2021, founded by Kiersten Kiki Rich. She’s a female solo traveler and provides several great tips for all types of travelers. Besides, she offers essential guides on how to become a successful solo traveler.

Kiersten also covers a wide range of topics for her travel blog, ranging from foreign cuisine and exotic destinations to travel photography and blogging. Recently, Kiersten and her husband have bought their home, which means you can expect something diverse from her blog.

Link to their web page:

TopTravelBlogs 2021 1 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

Adventurous Kate:

Another top travel blog that you can look up to in 2021 is Adventurous Kate, especially among female solo travelers. Although Kate McCulley greatly focuses on producing USA-based content, it doesn’t mean this travel blog is only for USA readers.

She has visited more than 83 countries, which means you’ll get some valuable tips and information on how to be an appreciating female sole traveler.

When it comes to blog content, Kate covers a wide array of topics, including video content. One of her main aims is to help readers overcome their traveling fears and start exploring new opportunities.

Additionally, if you’re thinking of quitting your job and planning to embark on a travel blog, this top travel blog can help you. Kate also provides consulting calls for such types of readers.

Link to their web page:

TopTravelBlogs 2021 6 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

Cheapest Destinations Blog:

Last but not least, the Cheapest Destinations Blog is our final top travel blog that you can look up in 2021. Tim Leffel runs this travel blog, who is not only an award-winning travel writer but also an editor and author.

Tim’s primary goal is to help readers make the most of their travel lifestyle while at the same time spending less. Hence, his blog content covers travel budgeting, spending money wisely, traveling destinations, food, etc.

Apart from creating content on the cheapest destinations, Tim also covers other travel-related topics, such as cheap living abroad and perceptive travel. Additionally, this travel blog has received the title of being one of the must-read travel blogs.

If you’re searching for tips on how to travel without spending much, this travel blog is for you.

Link to their web page:

TopTravelBlogs 2021 7 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

Wrapping Up:

Starting a travel blog and embarking on a nomadic lifestyle can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. However, with these top blogs of 2021, you can find the inspirations to live the life you deserve.

The above-listed bloggers are some top travel blogs of 2021 and are by no means exhaustive. We recommend you search for travel blogs and see what else is out there to get inspired.

What about you?

  • What is your favorite travel blog?
  • You have a favorite travel author?
  • Who else should I include in this list?

As always thanks for taking the time to read this post and hope you have a great day!

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