What is a Digital Nomad and How to Live This life Style

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What is a Digital Nomad and How to Live This life Style

Recently, there has been quite the hype around the digital nomad lifestyle. In the past, living on the road was limited to people with a degree of wealth, like musicians and actors. A digital nomad is someone who has a relatively well-paying job that’s done online; someone who can work out of his or her laptop. Digital nomads can work out of cafés, libraries, co-working spaces or anywhere with an internet connection, meaning they can live anywhere. In this digital age it is quite possible to live a location independent lifestyle. It is not easy to do, but with determination and hard work it is possible.

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What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who can work out of their laptop, anywhere. It may also be someone who works from home or uses the internet for the majority of the time. If you’re interested in pursuing this lifestyle, you’ll need to prepare and put in the effort, but it could be truly rewarding afterwards. It’s also important to note that Digital nomad , while they can be Expat(s), these two are not exclusively the same. Further, there’s a popular misconception about digital nomads that they’re simply celebrities and those with lucrative careers. While this may be the case for some, the internet allows anyone to be self-employed, and any job can be done online. So you do not necessarily need to be rich with the digital nomadic lifestyle, but rather have business set up online to generate your income.

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The Benefits of this lifestyle

According to Forbes, the Digital nomadic lifestyle is attractive to the younger generation and, they are more open to living a nomadic life style than previous generations. In fact, a report by Land Rover New Dynamics found that a whopping 46 percent of millennials would rather live as nomads than be on the career track. It’s not hard to understand why. They are free to roam, eat at any of the numerous micro restaurants popping up all over the world, and travel as they please. The rewards are that they can still earn a decent income and save more money than they could by being home, while traveling the globe, whereas a corporate job, my provide a bit more in income but you’d be stuck to one location, and you may end up earning less than you spend a lot more in rent.

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The Drawbacks of this Lifestyle

One major negative of living the nomad lifestyle is the length of time needed to save up and travel to your desired destinations. Once you start working remotely, you could be able to travel for two months to six months at a time. If you don’t have significant savings, her steady work you risk being stuck in one place for quite some time. Furthermore, having a job that you can take with you when traveling could increase the difficulties of traveling, as you’ll have to worry about finding Internet locations and keeping your technology safe. This lifestyle can get expensive, especially if you live out of your backpack. After all, the world is your oyster, but your wallet will be your oyster too. Lastly, there is another downside of this lifestyle … The drawbacks are that digital nomads often tend to be left out of society, which may lead some to feel isolation.

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How to get Started as a Digital Nomad

Becoming a digital nomad is as simple as deciding you want to live this way. The first step is to decide what the actual job is you want to pursue. Being a digital nomad means working from wherever you want. To get started, you’ll need to figure out what job and location you can realistically work from. What are some of the most lucrative jobs in the digital nomad industry? Freelancing can be lucrative and can allow you to live anywhere in the world. Many digital nomads have found themselves paying less to live in countries like Cambodia and Thailand, for example. The trick is finding a job that pays enough to cover living expenses and covers the costs associated with getting a new job. Also, do some research about the countries you want to visit and decide what the typical costs are.

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How to be a Successful Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad is difficult, there are many challenges that one needs to face to successfully survive. The first one is money. How do you survive on almost no money? Well, most digital nomads budget $3,000 a month on expenses. A typical digital nomad might save around $1,000 a month, leaving them with $2,000 to spend on what they want and need. There are lots of reasons why people choose this lifestyle and not others. Some people choose it because of being sick of their 9-5 job and want to live and work from anywhere. Some are unable to do this, and choose to earn their living from some type of technology. Others choose this lifestyle for travel purposes, and still others prefer to live in one place for the entire year and travel the rest of the time.

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The digital nomad lifestyle is a relatively new idea, so it’s hard to know how it’s going to evolve. However, it is quite a significant lifestyle choice and there are some great pros to living on the road for long periods of time, as well as drawbacks. If you have been considering taking a short trip abroad, you could could use that as a trial to see if this lifestyle is a good fits for you. Life is an adventure!

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