The Glass Palace, Madrid, Spain.
The Glass Palace, Madrid, Spain.

The Glass Palace, Madrid, Spain.

The Glass Palace, Madrid, Spain.

Hi Friends.

As the saying goes, if you live in a glass house, you should not throw stones. But, what if you DID live in a glass house?

Living in a glass house is not as bad as it sounds. Sure, people might be able to see in, but that is not always a bad thing. For example, if you are trying to get fit and are working out in your living room, people can see your progress!

Plus, if you have a beautiful view outside your window, you can show it off to everyone who walks by. And, if you have a garden, people can see all of your hard work in creating a beautiful landscape.

So, if you are thinking about living in a glass house, go for it! You might be surprised at how great it is.

Yesterday I took a trip to The Glass Palace, here in Madrid, Spain. This is a feat of architecture with steal and glass encasing an open floor plan. Once made to highlight fauna, it is now an attraction for tourists and locals to visit.

The inside of the Glass Palace is just as beautiful as the outside. You can see the steel beams that hold up the glass roof and each level of the palace. The floors are all white cement (*I think) and make the space feel very open and airy.

As I walked around the space, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would be to live in a space like this. It’s open, bright, and airy. Come with me and let’s explore The Glass Palace in today’s post.

The Glass Palace, Madrid, Spain.

Location: P.º de Cuba, 4, 28009 Madrid
Google Map Link :

Walking up to The Glass Palace, you see it through the trees, this almost unworldly looking building, blending in, but standing out.


When you get closer to the building, its scale and design sinks in. I can think that, if I was Superman, this is how he would use his X-ray vision, the walls are transparent, light is all you see.


There was no cost to enter this building. The guard at the front just asked me put my backpack on the front. Also, I was lucky, 3 artists, Kidlat Tahimik Magellan, Marilyn, Mickey and Friar Damasus. Their show was called “500 Years of RockStars Conquerors“. So, you will see their work featured in these photos.


For this article, however, I will be more looking at the building and its amazing. The scale and sense of wounder you feel inside, is like a strange dream.


That dream was only more heightened when you looked up and saw a wooden Captain America riding an atomic bomb… with a sword? Sure, I get the bomb and the shield, but a sword? IDK…


Here is a photo of just the floor, I know.. “Exciting, a floor”… but the white floor with shadows cast across it, felt calming.


Then you have heard of plague doctors riding boats… Again, hmm I think it was a weird dream indeen. Hahahaha


Not 100% sure what this says, but it was bolted onto all the poles, I assume it was the casting company that put up the steal.


I tried to find an angle to highlight the scale of the space with its, fountain like feeling and design. Lines cascading into each other like raindrops off a rooftop.


Perhaps it was the blue sky as well, but somethign about it all came togheter so well.


The cermic tiles that are around the outside, were made by Daniel Zuloaga. He is a very renound and famous Spanish artist.


If you’re in the mood for an unforgettable architectural experience, head to The Glass Palace in Madrid, Spain. With its unique blend of Gothic and Modernist styles, The Glass Palace is a must-see for any architecture lover.


In conclusion, the beauty that we were all moved by The Glass Palace is surprisingly unexpected. The uneven scaling, the intricate details and the geographic qualities that we naturalised for some time are truly a sight to see and just a visit to this house resonates you with a force that humbles you.

I hope you enjoyed this walk around The Glass Palace and that you to have a chance to visit it in the future.

Come back tomorrow for another fun post.


p.s : Bonus photos of The Glass Palace, Madrid, Spain.

Here are some Bonus photos of the artwork inside. I do not think I will type up a full article about the art, but I do want to share them with you as well. So, I hope you enjoy!


These standing heads were quite intriguing as well. When I see art like this, I have to ask a question : what the artists were thinking when they made them… were they in a trance, or listening to music, what was going on in the mind of the artist when being the tool for art to emerge.


This one is a bit confusing to discern. It looks through a window on a wooden whip at the things on the inside. However, there is a strong reflection, You can even see a little of me hidden in that photo.


At first, when I saw all this art, I was a little sad, sad that the space was filled up, but the more I looked at the art, the more I loved it, how it had a strong juxtaposition between the steal, glass, and natural objects.


The way the curator filled the space with all this art, but laid it out in a way that made it not feel “Cluttered” but still open with space to wander around and see things… very good job.



If you enjoyed this glass building, here is on in Danang Vietnam :

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