Duc gallery : Hoi An : Vietnam

Duc gallery : Hoi An : VietnamDuc GalleryDuc gallery: 47/10 Tran Hung Dao
Taken on Monday, October 21, 2019
Photographer: Tim Mack / RaomingSparrow.com
Duc Bet Can is online at:

Duc GalleryAbout the Duc Bet gallery:

Duc’s motto is:

“Creative, positive thinking artists. Enjoying life and sharing.”

He lives this motto every day, 100%.

I had the pleasure of meeting Duc and spending some time with him and the artists he works with the other day. His zest for life, painting, and making art is, to say the least refreshing!

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Duc GalleryWhen I meet up with Duc, he and his crew were hard at work, hanging a new show at a local gallery in Hoi An. While it was only a short handshake with me, they went back to work right away, putting up quite detailed works of art.

The Duc Gallery is about displaying the artworks of freelance artists; they organize art shows and exhibitions, host workshops, assemble group works and create creative collaborations.

Duc GalleryThe Duc Gallery, from my conversation with them, wants to organize more exhibitions in Hoi An for the local creative’s and bring more international artists from Vietnam and the world to show here.

Duc studio’s artists also collaborate in gorgeous artworks such as frescoes, mural paintings, artworks for resorts, hotels, and other public spaces.

Duc Gallery Workshops:

In my conversation with the owner “Duc,” the gallery also hosts workshops that are for children in the city. They are starting to as well hold two-hour workshops for tourists, locals, and visiting artists.

Duc Gallery TimMack 2019 17 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Who is Duc form the Duc Gallery?

Duc is a painter who grew up in Hanoi to the south. He moved to Hoi An about six years ago and fell in love with the city. Since moving to Hoi An, Duc is regularly commissioned by numerous resorts, hotels, cafes, and private collectors for unique works.

These are photos of him and his crew hanging the gallery show and pictures of him working on a painting at his home.

Duc Gallery TimMack 2019 1 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Sparrow Thoughts:

If you end up visiting Hoi An and are a fan of art, I recommend you check out Duc’s studio. Tell him the guy with the wired curly mustache says hello.

Duc Gallery TimMack 2019 10 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024

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