The Mckinnon Camera Pack Review:

The Mckinnon Camera Pack:

  • 35L capacity with expansion up to 42L
  • Designed for comfort
  • Internal and external organization
  • Travel Ready
  • The perfect bag for every adventure.

The Mckinnon Camera Pack Review

Are you a person who likes to go on adventures? A person who wants to roam around, discover new places, engage in new cultures, traditions, and lifestyles? Or maybe a person who loves taking photos of Mother Nature and its species? Or someone who likes to island-hop with friends to get that epic drone video?

If you said yes to any of the above, then you understand having a durable, lightweight, all-weather purpose backpack is critical.

Read on, as this bag is for you. Check this item out on Nomadic’s web page – Click hereTheMckinnonCammeraPack 2 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Nothing ruins an exciting adventure as much as having your gear break and or having your gear squished in the bottom of your bag, getting sandy, wet, and damaged. Been there, done that.

I see myself as one of those people who like to explore and experience different lives on the other side of the globe. I am one of those people who want to reach for the great moments of life, take the more challenging routes while exploring different lifestyles and communities.

About a year or two ago, I experienced one of the worst things a traveler can experience. When I was on a hike, my gear bag snapped. I usually carry a couple of gadgets to capture those precious moments; this time, my two cameras were in the bag. The drop did little damage to my DSLR (thankfully). However, the Instax was way beyond repair.

Problems like these are one of the main reasons why the need to have an enduring bag is a top priority.

I have used a few different camera bags (like the  Vanguard I reviewed Here ) . Recently Nomadic released their new backpack, and I got to say, “HELL YEA.” The Mckinnon Camera Pack is the best. This 35L bag is a solid choice for the discerning traveler with a great feature set.

Let me show you why:

The Mckinnon Camera Pack has the looks:

Unlike other camera bags that have a lot of adjustable, locks, and such, dangling every place, that, to be honest, gets a little bit annoying. The Mckinnon Camera Pack has a modern touch of style that makes a traveler looks cool. This bag has a simple and elegant design. Perfect for both urban settings and the rustic outdoors.

The Mckinnon Camera Pack has the size:

This bag has a carrying capacity of up to 35L. For reference, this is enough for a cross country traveler (SIZE IS 18-20 INCH and WEIGHS 5.75Lbs). You can pack a laptop, tablet, two cameras together with clothing, journals, and even pants and flip flops in this bag.

This size may save you the hassle of needing another back for all your clothing and one for your camera. The Mckinnon Camera Pack is easy to transport, fits the overhead bins on flights, and you can fill with the gear you need. NICE!

The Mckinnon Camera Pack has the Engineering:

Peter Mckinnon is the creator of this bag. He is a well-known wildlife photographer who devoted himself to photography and nature. He created this bag with a vision. To help alleviate the problems he faced in needing a durable, all in one backpack.

The materials used in the construction of this bag are high quality to endure the harsh weathering and climate during travel but remain in stylish while on the street.

Let’s talk Pricepoint:

This bag at the time of writing costs $399.00. This price is a leap from my other camera bags. At first, I was hesitant knowing the price (I am a price-conscious person after all), but after studying the size of the pack, what can it do, its performance, plus the person who designed it was also a traveler, I can say its price is justified. Also, I don’t want to have another bag to snap on me.

Sparrow Thoughts:

Overall I suggest purchasing this bag. Designed to be small enough to fit well on my back with gear, but not a behemoth either. As for the price, I would honestly say that this was one of the expensive bags for a traveler like me. However, the price. I mean, it justifies its self, as the camera inside the bag costs more than the bag, and that I want to keep that safe!

Lastly, the bag is durable and light, allowing for natural movement during long walks and looks cool. As we all know, looking fresh and stylish IS the most essential point. 😉

If you are like me, an avid photographer, adventure-loving traveloholic
I suggest you purchase The Mckinnon Camera Pack. A bag designed to be your partner on the road!

Cheers~Check this item out on Nomadic’s Web page – Click here

Tim on a Rock
Tim on a Rock
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