The Nakie Travel Hammock Review 2021
The Nakie Travel Hammock Review 2021

Nakie Travel Hammock Review 2021 : Best Hammock you can get!

The world’s first hammock made of 100% recycled materials. Made from 37 plastic bottles the Nakie hammock is ultralight weight, portable and extremely comfortable, designed to be used by two people.

  • Nakie LIfe Time Warranty
  • Fast International delivery
  • ECO Focused
  • 100% Recycled Material

Double Hammock

  • Dimensions: 3m x 1.8m
  • Weight rating: 225kg
  • Weight: 600g

2 x Hammock Straps

  • Length: 2.3m per strap
  • Weight rating: 450kg
  • Weight: 130g per strap

2 x 12KN Carabiners

  • Weight rating: 1200kg
  • Weight: 64g per carabiner
The Nakie Travel Hammock Review 2021
The Nakie Travel Hammock Review 2021

The Nakie Travel Hammock Review 2021

The Nakie Travel Hammock is perfect for an outdoor adventure because they are lightweight and comes in a carrying bag. Whether you’re on your own or with a few friends, this hammock can be hung on almost any tree and will provide hours of quality relaxation time before needing to be packed back up. It also uses materials that are renewable, such as recycled bottles, making it eco-friendly.

Nakie Travel Hammocks take up less space than a regular hammock and can be carried anywhere. Today let’s talk about this ultralight hammock that is an affordable luxury item you need on your next adventure!

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for hammocks? I’ve always loved laying in them while they are swinging with the breeze. They are so relaxing and when I’m in my hammock I feel like I’m in the most perfect dream. It’s like I’m outside but also cozied up in a bed. There is nothing better than a mild day with a hammock and some iced tea. What can be more perfect than that?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a hard time finding a hammock that could actually fit me. I am of average shape and size, But I don’t Want to have to worry about ripping or breaking. That’s why I was so excited when I came across The Nakie Travel Hammock.

The Nakie Travel Hammock specializes in hammocks for all shapes and sizes. Their goal is to make hammocks that are durable and sustainable, so that you can relax your body and your mind while enjoying the fun of hanging out in a hammock.


The Nakie Travel Hammock

Let’s talk about sustainability

There are a few things we can do to help our environment. These are the big three”R’s”, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Simple actions such as, turning off all equipment and lights when they are not needed. – Use a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones. – Install energy efficient bulbs in your home. We’ve all heard these before. But there’s also the option of buying goods made from up cycle materials.

The Nakie Travel Hammock is made with 37 recycled plastic bottles. To be honest I didn’t know 37 recycled bottles can make a hammock, but that is what The Nakie Travel Hammock review 2021 is about, to tell you about this awesomeness.

While there is great strides being made in recycling programs, so many plastic bottles end up in landfills each year. On average, it takes about 400 years for one bottle to break down… That’s a lot of time. So why not use those bottles for a good cause, like making a very relaxing hammock for you?

To date, Nakie has removed over 1 million plastic bottles from the environment in making hammocks! WOOT!

What is also awesome about The Nakie Travel Hammock, or about any product from Nakie, is that they are tree protectors. For every item sold in their shop, they will plant four trees. At the time of publishing, they have planted 140,837 trees. And that is good value for the environment!

Let’s get to the heart of the Nakie Travel Hammock review 2021, and talk about the hammock itself.

The Nakie Travel Hammock
The Nakie Travel Hammock

Nakie hammocks are designed to fit two people.

Couple’s choice: The hammock that fits two Feeling a little worn out? Feeling a little lonely? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, it might be time to invest in a Nakie hammock. For hammocks that fit two, Nakie hammocks are designed to provide a relaxing, comfortable experience for you and your loved one. But if you’re by yourself that is fine too more elbow room.

The set-up of the Nakie Travel Hammock is very easy. (*for real, the record is 46 seconds). No rope involved, no tying up stuff. The ease of use here is wicked high. The straps have a single loop on the end, and then a series of loops on the other side. You simply wrap it around the object you wish to hang from, click it together with the carabiner, then engage relaxation mode.

Personally, I weight about 178 pounds, and the Nakie Travel Hammock can support up to 225kg (500lb) total. So you can toss yourself, plus a guest, maybe a second guest, and a dog and that hammock, and it will be okay! And even the carabiner and the suspension strap on the Nakie Travel Hammock can hold even more weight. This is just the manufacturer’s weight limit, so you could probably push that a bit higher but might not recommend it.

The materials of the Nakie Travel Hammock have a very silky smooth feel. It feels like lying in a cloud. Dare I venture to say it could be the best camping hammock as well. Yes I do dare… This is a best camping hammock or Summit hammock you can get.

Hammock when out of the stuff sack, and hung, opens up to a gracious 3m by 1.8m size. Each of the hammock models is triple stitched to ensure durability and strength.

If you wish to up the ante for over relaxation, you can also get one of their blankets, bug net, or rain tarp, for an additional set of straps. These are all also made from recycled materials. There are many color schemes the hammocks come in as well, for you ultralight enthusiasts who like to look your best!

When you’re done with your hammock adventure, click your hammock, put it back into the stuff sack along with the hammock straps, and you are good to head back off on your adventure.

When you get home, you can toss your Nakie Travel Hammock in the washing machine with no worries, along with the compression sack. It is machine – washable and safe.

The Nakie Travel Hammock
The Nakie Travel Hammock

The Nakie Travel Hammock Review : Lifetime Warranty!

Yes, you read that right, they offer a lifetime warranty on their hammocks. If you are a heavy hammock go or, and rough with your feet, no problem. The lifetime warranty covers you in any situation.

This really is a great starter hammock, The hanging straps are awesome, it feels like a high-end luxury item, ranks high as far as packable hammocks are concern, and outshines those hammocks among others.

They also offer a full 30-dayay refund, no questions asked. So perhaps you get this quick-drying nylon hammock, but are looking for an better summit ultralight hammock… no problem, just it send it back for a full refund. How awesome is that?

An ultra light hammock to be used for hiking, camping, or just everyday use.

Hammocks are an excellent invention that has been perfected over thousands of years. In the Western world, they are often associated with summer and tropical climates in the news. The image of someone lounging in a hammock with a drink can come to mind. There are many types of hammocks, but one of the most popular is the ultralight hammock.

Ultralight hammocks allow you to take the hammock anywhere you need to go. Unlike heavier hammocks, ultralight hammocks are easy to set up due to their weight. They also packed down to a very small size, making them perfect for hiking, camping, or just everyday use, and is a comfortable option.

The Nakie Travel Hammock

The Nakie Travel Hammock Review 2021 summary

The Nakie Travel Hammock is one of the best hammock on the market for those of you who like to get lost in nature. Some may feel it’s not an affordable price, but it is considering the lifetime warranty and the quality you’re getting, and is cheaper than some other higher price competitors.

The great thing about this hammock is it offers incredible durability, which is perfect for those of you who are either always on the go, or just not great at taking care of their things. Another great thing about the Nakie Travel Hammock Review is it is lightweight and easy to carry for day hikers, making it the perfect addition to any backpack. These are just a few of the countless reasons why this hammock is worth taking a closer look.


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