Blunt Metro Unbrella
Blunt Metro Unbrella

The Best Travel Umbrella | The Blunt Metro Umbrella

Umbrellas might not be the most elegant of travel accessories, but they sure are helpful for those wet and rainy days. The Metro is ideally sized for travel and is a must-have for those of us who are always on the go or who love to travel. It’s convenient pocket size makes it perfect for not only travel, but also for daily life. It has a compact and collapsible design, making it practical.


Blunt Metro Unbrella
Blunt Metro Unbrella

The Best Travel Umbrella | The Blunt Metro Umbrella

The world’s best umbrella for travel and every day, so you will love every moment in the rain.

The rain is just that – a noisy torrent that blasts away thoughts, covering out the present to reveal the truth. Here you are. On a bright and then spontaneously rainy day, your favorite trench coat is suddenly wet. It’s soaked and you’re silly looking. Yet, while the brunt of the wind and rain is tossed and blocked by this bubble-style umbrella, you’re perfectly comfortable. This is all because of the one and only Blunt umbrella was in your travel bag.

Umbrellas can be a really underrated piece of travel gear, but they’ve got a lot of uses. First, of course, it’s going to keep you dry. But an umbrella makes it much easier to get around in the rain without looking like you’re in the middle of a storm. It’ll help you stay cool in the hot sun and cool off in the heat of the day. Finally, an umbrella can give you that bit of class when traveling to some place new. It’s about being a savvy traveler.

Let’s talk about the best umbrella for travel and everyday use.

If you’re anything like me, you probably leave the house without an umbrella on a rainy day. I never want to think about an umbrella again until it starts raining out. Well, that’s a bad habit. Sadly, this kind of thinking only leaves me feeling frustrated on a rainy day, or from heading out to visit an exotic location. On top of being wet, I also get frustrated because I have to stop what I’m doing to run home or wait for it to stop raining.

The moral of the story is to keep a travel umbrella with you.

There are two main points you have to take into consideration when looking at travel umbrellas that’s may be a good fit. This is the fabric that is made from and the size of it. Being that we are looking at a travel umbrella, it is important that it can also collapse and be easily stowed, but then also durable to hold up in a rainstorm, and in a backpack.

The Blunt umbrella meets both of these needs 100% and then some more.

Specifically, in this article we are talking about the Blunt Metro travel umbrella, It may not have the most affordable price, but it is a top-quality umbrella that will serve you well.

Why is this the best umbrella.

When it comes to finding the best umbrella, it doesn’t hurt to be informed. There are a lot of umbrellas to choose from these days. Some are very light and can fold up. Others are more fashionable and look good too, which may not be your priority. It’s important to find the right weight of the umbrella as the day’s weather changes. It’s also important to find one that’s easy to carry. The Blunt Metro travel umbrella is a win!

The canopy is composed of a quick dry polyester, meaning that it will dry rapidly after that rain shower. The frame comprises of a Polycarbonate fibreglass compound and is wind tested up to 55 mile an hour winds. (* we advise you not to be outside in 55 mile an hour winds, but if you are, this is the umbrella for you). The handle of this umbrella is composed of an anodized aluminum metal, along with a fiberglass core and a solid rubber handle.

For real, this crazy beast is a windproof travel umbrella that has to be reconned with! It has a wind-resistant radial-tensioning system that ensures that you will remain protected during all types of storms.

For travel, Blunt Metro travel umbrella compressed down to a mere 14 inches long. Making it an ideal size small umbrella piece of travel gear you can store easily in your luggage or put in your daybag when you’re out on an adventure. It also has a buttery smooth close function, that will make opening and closing this piece of travel gear a breeze.

I have one of the Blunt Metro travel umbrellas and never go anywhere without it. I was looking for a lighter weight, easy to pack umbrella for my travels and am so glad that I found it. It’s perfect for working as a substitute. I love the weight (0.77 lbs) and the compact umbrella design. It folds up easily, so I can throw it in my day bag with no problem.

travel umbrella
travel umbrella

Why do you need a “Best Umbrella”?

A lot of um brellas that are designed are made relatively cheap, and will fall apart in any wind, and some have fancy gimmicks such as a double canopy. However, cheap gimmick umbrellas generate a lot of excess landfill waste, and over time, you end up spending more buying replacement umbrellas, or worst of all, stuck with a broken umbrella looking all sad and pathetic in a rainstorm. No, thank you. We are savvy travelers will not be caught out like that.

When you have a travel umbrella, it protects you from more than just rain.

When you’re out exploring a side temple, or walking the streets in the daytime, that sun overhead can cook you to a crisp. With a travel umbrella, you could pop it open and provide yourself some shade and respite from that sun.

It can also hide you if need be. Perhaps you don’t want your photo to be taken when you’re walking in public, or if you’re trying to avoid being seen when walking about. Open up your best travel umbrella and keep your identity private.

On the other hand, the best umbrellas also makes a strong fashion statement and speaks of being cultured and civilized. The blunt Metro travel umbrella has many colors and can be custom printed with your name or message on it, making an ideal backdrop for a photo shoot and subtle marketing in those Instagram photos.

The Blunt Metro travel umbrella might be the coolest umbrella you’ll ever own. It’s small but mighty. It’s a lightweight compact umbrella, and it collapses down to fit in your bag or your pocket. I love this travel umbrella because it’s compact and it’s perfect for everyday use, but even better, it has an award-winning design that makes it seem like you’re more prepared and more ready to help someone in need. I think of how good it will feel to extend an umbrella to someone who needs it.

It truly is a way to enhance your experience of being outside!

##What is the history of the Blunt Best Travel umbrella.

This particular travel umbrella line was designed and developed in New Zealand with a solid build. It really has a design that is revolutionary, and they guarantee years of function from your travel umbrella. Many five-star reviews echo this with people talking about the quality that is apparent when they open and close their umbrella, and it holds up in strong gusts and heavy rain. In addition to its click of a button button opening system they are a good travel umbrella.

The founder of the company is Greig Brebner. He is driven by a passion to create products that will last a lifetime and are made of high quality materials. Furthermore, it is his vision to create products that aren’t one-time use but can be used many times.

Pros of the blunt metro travel umbrella:

  • Super durable,
  • Holds up in strong winds,
  • Better than fiberglass ribs,
  • Has a really cool modern look,
  • Packs Down small.
  • Five-star reviews
  • High-quality materials
  • Automatic opening
  • Unique features
  • Doesn’t take up much space

Cons of the blunt metro travel umbrella:

  • Price point may be a bit high for some.
  • doesn’t come with rain boots or a rain jacket (lol)

It’s also worth noting that there are larger umbrella options for those who are looking for a larger option. These may make for good quality travel umbrellas as well, but personal preference leans towards mini umbrellas for travel and for the best portable umbrella. No matter what your choice you can bet that always the umbrella opens and closes with ease and will save you a great deal.

Summary of the Best Travel Umbrella

The best thing about this umbrella is that it folds up so compactly. It can also hold up in stronger winds. It’s sleek design and foldable shaft make it the perfect travel companion. With the purchase of Metro umbrella, you will also get a lifetime warranty for the umbrella.

As a tourist, you may not think compact umbrellas as a top priority for travel gear, especially because lugging an umbrella around can be difficult. If you’re visiting a place that’s halfway between being a desert and a rainforest, then you should definitely pack a blunt metro travel umbrella.

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