Indestructible Shoes Review
Indestructible Shoes Review

Indestructible Shoes Review : Protect Your Feet With These!

Indestructible Shoes are built to withstand just about anything.

Step on glass, walk on nails, or have your toes run over by a car, These shoes will protect your feet 24/7 from all external damage.
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Indestructible Shoes Review
Indestructible Shoes Review

Indestructible Shoes Review

About Indestructible

The choice between function and comfort is a nuisance to anyone trying to buy footwear. Well, Indestructible Shoes, founded by Eric Nguyen, in 2021, got you covered. Based on the introduction of the brand on their website, IndestructibleTM was founded on the premise of producing “decent options for work shoes on the market”. The brand aims at providing an “all-in-one” work shoe to combat modern day work with a built that is claimed to survive various environments and protect wearers against hazards.

Outdoor and physically intensive laborers know that they could only find cranky, dated, and ugly shoes for their kind of work. Well, Indestructible (TM) is here to prove them wrong by making it their mission to provide consumers with comfortable, durable, and safe for work shoes stylized to look no different than what you can find at a Nike store using lightweight materials that can last for years.

Unbreakable shoes

So who are Indestructible’s targeted customers? It is boldly claimed that these shoes are perfect for construction & labor jobs, outdoors & hiking, military & security personnel, and restaurant environment. Damn, we never thought of seeing these categories together. So does it live up to the its name?

You can get a comprehensive look at the safety testing in a video proving their claims. Let’s dissect: A hammer is dropped on one of the shoes as the narrator read, built with military-grade Kevlar. And for those who are oblivious, Kevlar means bulletproof.
The narrator gave us more information about the shoes’ material: European steel toes, puncture resistant soles, fire resistant materials.

Basically, this is what Spiderman wears every day.

Pros of the Indestructible Shoes

  • Style, comfort, and durability
  • Excellently engineered safety features such as Kevlar, pressure resisting soles, fire resistance
  • Balanced pricing between work and fashion purpose
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Great overall reception on review sites

Cons of the Indestructible Shoes

  • Shipping may be long
  • Sometimes they get the size wrong, but the shoes are exchangeable
  • Potential bootleg stores

Ryder Indestructible Shoe Review

The Ryder comes in 4 colors: black, grey, green, and pink.

The Military Times headlined these shoes as “could be the toughest you ever owned” and honestly, with the Kevlar, unpuncturable soles (tested on nails!), European-style steel toe, they are not joking. Ryders are also flexible and have good elasticity in addition to a cushioning midsole, creating a roomy toe box for ease. They are also an incredible time-saver thanks to an add-on of tie-free laces. What more can you want from an indestructible fashionable pair of shoes? Oh, airflow? Apparently, IndestructibleTM got the covered for you also, with breathable flymesh that helps your feet air out all the heat. You don’t want smelly feet going to a date, do you?

All of this just for $79. Wow, indestructible and inexpensive.

Check them out on the webpage  HERE

Airwalk Indestructible Shoes Review

Let’s talk about the Airwalk line; they come in: blue, black, red and pink.

You will get all the features of your typical Indestructible that is Kevlar, steel toes, anti-puncture midsole. What you also get are the anti-slip rubber sole since the sole has this design typically found on mountain climbing shoes. Along with some more protecting and endurance features that is an extra shockproof sole layer and wear-resistant tech, the Airwalk has a more modern look than some of the other categories.

You would generally think such as an abundance of feature must be over 100$, but it actually goes on sale for 89$

Check them our on the webpage HERE

Indestructible accessories

Of course, you are interested in getting the most out of your travel and work, we cannot count out their line of accessories. We will not be going in depth into these merchandises, but we can give you a sense of their pricing and you can check for yourselves on their website’s accessories:

  • Indestructible Insoles: 19$
  • VigoGUN V2 Percussion Massage Device: 99$
  • Indestructible No-tie Shoelaces: 9$
  • Indestructible Compression Crew Socks – 2 Pairs: 15$
  • Indestructible Watches M100: 60$
  • KneeTec Support Pads: 59$

Indestructible Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As I have said, reception has been good for Indestructible. If you can read all the 4.5 to 5/5 stars on their websites like these: “After a 12 hour day…1st time wearing still pretty comfortable”, customer who purchased this item.

“Well I really like these, but the insides got torn up within a week of wearing them. Can I please exchange them for a new pair? I’m not so sure about the “indestructible” advertising. I’m bummed because I initially loved them. Also the sizing seems inconsistent as the left shoe is closer to a size 11 mens and the right shoe is closer to 10.5 mens. Help please!?”

And of course, we understand how you might think they would filter out all the bad reviews, but check them out, they even come with pictures and verifications. We can take a look at some reviews from other sites:

The shoes fare pretty well on Trustpilot as they get a general 3.9/5 with most of the comments positively praising the shoes for what its known for: good fit, quality, really is indestructible. Although we do find about 2 bad reviews out of 20 reviews mostly complaining about the shoes having the quality of a 20$ pair that you can get at Walmart and the delivery time and size being inconvenient. Again, you have to be sure to buy these shoes from their verified website.

On reddit, the shoes bare all kinds of praise and criticism. Some complained about the steel midsole and the steel toe being a bit heavy, perfect for work but definitely not fit for play, for instance, disc golf. Some even accuse the company of rebranding cheap Chinese shoes.

On Amazon, you should check the manufacturer of the models, as the bad review was given to the models made by Suadex and Jackshibo which is worth their money.

Our Verdict on Indestructible Shoes

Clearly, we have absorbed a mixed batch of reviews off the internet, but hey, what can you do, it’s a wide range of customers and circumstances.

You do have to note that there are a lot of endorsement and close-to-perfect reviews from acclaimed media sources like Military Times, Walking Up Wild, LEP Fitness, Smokinlicious and the company is like a newborn, established in 2021. There is a huge chance that there are a lot of mockups and fake Indestructibles out there, just try to look up AliExpress and Amazon.

Where to Buy Indestructible Shoes

If you want to grab a pair of Indestructibles, head on over to their main page,
Buying them off other sites would mean that you’re taking a risk of running into a FAKE.


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FAQ about Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shipping Policy

Indestructible(TM) has distribution centers stationed in United States, Canada and China so the shipping is free worldwide. It may take 1-2 business days to process the order and inventory may be lacking in Canada and the US so the order may have to be shipped from its manufacturer in China which may take 1-2 weeks according to reviews.

Within 24-28 hours, purchaser will be provided a tracking number and can be put into use through their tracking section on Indestructibles’ website.

In any case of lost, stolen and misdirected delivery, contact your shipping carrier as Indestructible will not be accounted for this.
Indestructible Return Policy

Unworn shoes can be returned within 30 days of purchase. All returns are subjected to 15% restocking fees. If you would like a refund, you’ll receive a partial refund of the initial order 15% less of the original purchase to the payment method that you used.
Contact customer support through with a receipt or proof of purchase to complete your return.
Socks and insoles items are non-refundable due to health reasons so you need to make careful selections.


Through an encompassing observation of the market, we can firmly state that IndestructibleTM truly brings something new to the market and has been generating a lot of buzz in the market even though its establishment was very early. It hits a new segment of needs for workers by providing comfort, function and style all in one pair of shoes. Though with the shortcomings like every other start up company, Indestructible has so much room to grow and can please so many people from different backgrounds. It should undoubtedly be a footwear option not to be overlooked.


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