Best NOMATIC Travel Pack Review 2021 – Because you need This pack!

NOMATIC Travel Pack Review The NOMATIC Travel Pack is designed to be a durable and lightweight option for travelers. Unlike other suitcases that tend to be heavy, this pack is designed to be as lightweight and versatile as possible. The backpack has a myriad of storage options and also has some nifty features, such as a removable tray for keeping things handy. The pack is also made with an array of clever features. It has a waterproof zipper system, a padded handle bar for more comfort, and a multi-pocket design; it can be worn as a backpack or over the shoulder. It also has a TSA-friendly laptop compartment and a universal charger.

Key Features :

  • Magnetic Water Bottle
  • PocketCord Pass Through
  • Hidden Pocket
  • Retractable Key Leash
  • Roller Bag Sleeve
  • Top Access Pocket
  • Shoe Compartment
  • Innovative Strap System
  • Mesh Divider
  • RFID Safe Pocket
  • + More
Best NOMATIC Travel Pack Review 2021 - Because you need This pack!
Best NOMATIC Travel Pack Review 2021 – Because you need This pack!

NOMATIC Travel Pack Review

The NOMATIC travel pack is a special edition backpack that’s been designed specifically for travelers. I think this is a great idea because a lot of people don’t take into account what they’re going to be using their backpack for when they are buying one. This backpack is the perfect size, and it has a lot of great features.

One feature that I really like about this bag is the compression system. This feature makes it possible for you to store your clothes flat, which is nice if you are carrying over and around a week’s worth of clothing. It also has a zipper-less design, which means that storing and finding things inside the bag is so much easier. Today let’s talk about the review the NOMATIC travel pack.

First and foremost, The NOMATIC Travel Pack is a 20- to 30-liter backpack that is expandable and collapsible. It look stylish and, for the majority of your travel needs, will be one of the travel bags you will use for a while.

Let’s talk about the NOMATIC Company .

NOMATIC, entered the scene as a Kickstarter campaign around August 2019. Their goal was to make the most functional travel bag ever. we even did a review on their bags right here (NOMATIC TRAVEL BAG  ). Recently, they rolled out a new addition to the travel bags line that features the high-quality manufacturing we have come to expect from NOMATIC.

The NOMATIC Travel Pack features a 20- to 30-liter expandable backpack design. It has a very streamlined look to it and does have modifications from the original travel pack design. Lets keep diving in to NOMATIC Travel Pack Review.

Materials Used in the Bags Design

So you want to know why it’s important to make sure your travel pack has certain materials? Well, I’m here to tell you! Materials play a huge role in whether or not your pack will last a long time. Some materials may be more practical for certain people. For example, if you’re someone who stays in hotels often, then you’ll probably want a pack that is made of material that is preferred by your hotel. Materials are important to pay attention to because they have to do with your comfort and the durability of your pack.

If you don’t pay attention to the different materials, then you could end up with a pack that’s uncomfortable and breaks easily! This perhaps a reason you came to read NOMATIC Travel Pack Review, to learn about such things!

First off, the redesign of this travel pack features a nicer aesthetic than its previous counterpart. You can see this in the lines and the design of the back.

The bag outside is manufactured with a tarpaulin material (* a material that is windproof, waterproof, flexible). When you run your hands over it you get the feeling that is high quality. Also with this particular material is not as shiny as the previous bags which may help you blend in more when walking around with this travel pack on you.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of giant branding on travel bags, This particular bag features a discrete “NOMATIC” name on the back, and a small one on the shoulder strap as well along with a few other places on the back panel. I do like the minimum branding on this bag.

A lot of the hardware on this bag comes from the Wujin province of China known for making durable products. Such as the adjusters on the shoulder straps and buckles. There is a selection of different weatherproof “ZOOM” zippers that are YKK rated.

Best NOMATIC Travel Pack Review 2021 - Because you need This pack!
Best NOMATIC Travel Pack Review 2021 – Because you need This pack!

Let’s look at the nomadic travel pack components.

The Nomadic Travel Pack is the best idea for any type of travel.Is nomatic backpack worth it?

It has every essential for someone who is hitting the road and no where to call home. It was designed to be anything from a short weekend getaway to a backpacking adventure.

NOMATIC didn’t alter their traditional harness system all that much from their original bags. The shoulder straps are decent, but some may feel they do not have enough foam padding. But this is all a matter of preference and how much weight you intend to carry.

Remember that this bag has two different sizes,  the 20-liter mode and the 30-liter mode. If you expand the bag all the way and load it up with a lot of heavy equipment, you may not be too happy. However, we feel the majority of travelers should be okay with a shoulder strap like this.

The strap on the sternum is catchable and, of course, adjustable. And while it is easy to slide down and up, it doesn’t fall off easily. This will make it more difficult to lose.

The shoulder straps are again classic from the nomadic bags, and they’ll be familiar and easy , allowing for tightening or loosening the shoulder straps as you feel fit.

At the bottom of the backpack there is a Hypalon attachment system. No worries, these do not get in your way. Just tuck them into the back panel when you don’t need them.

Check it out on NOMATIC HERE

NOMATIC Travel Pack Review | Let’s talk about the bags hip belt.

Hip belts are a great way to side-step any hip or elbow pain that comes with backpacks. They offer greater support and help to make any load feel more balanced when we carry them.

Its belt is important in travel bags as it helps spread the load out across your body. This particular belt is a bit large for some, however it works well and increases the comfort of the bag. Additionally, there are small pockets in this belt you can store tiny things, such as a bit of money or a key.

Looking at the top of the bag, you have a robust padded handle grab. This is nice, as when you have a full backpack, and you have to pick it up quickly. This bit of padding protects your hand and makes holding your travel pack easier.

We did find it a bit strange that the handle was attached backpack straps, but given all the ykk zippers in its streamlined design, we can understand why the designers chose to do it this way.

The back panel of this travel bag will make those longer trips comfortable. It has excellent padding, and you can feel the frame that is not too rigid but not soft either. The back panel of this bag we do enjoy, and we like to see more back panel design like this.

The bag itself has naturally square-shaped. This is because of the built-in padding and internal structure. Also along the back panel, you’ll find a groove that allows air circulation. Your back will thank you for this.

Also, on the back panel there is a luggage pass-through rack, so if you travel with a rolling suitcase, slide this right on. On the left and right side of the back panel you will find small magnetic wings, that you can use open up and tuck in your shoulder straps for quick access.

On each side of this travel pack, you will find water bottle pockets. These water bottle pockets can expand because of the sketchy mesh that they use. These water bottle pockets also have small magnets which help keep the pockets looking clean when they’re not being used. Mesh pockets and magnetic pockets are a win in our book.

On the side the bag you find handles which will make picking up and grab the bag when you have to go easy.

Let’s open up the Nomadic Travel Pack Review.

I am a huge fan of the Nomadic Travel Pack! I think it’s a very innovative idea and it’s a great solution to the monotonous and mundane process of packing your suitcase. The Nomadic Travel Pack comes with everything you need to pack and it weighs less than usual. It’s a great idea to be able to have everything in one place and not have to worry about forgetting something.

There are many other advantages to the Nomadic Travel Pack, like the fact that you don’t need to worry about forgetting your clothes or toiletries.

The NOMADIC Travel Pack is more than just one compartment, it has many interior features! One awesome feature is the hidden pocket along the back panel you can open up. This is a great place to stash extra money or travel documents if need be.

Once you get beyond the ykk zippers keeping your gear dry, on the top of the bag is a pocket that is softly lined. This is the location where you should keep your sunglasses or smartphone to reduce the chances of them getting scratched. Also there is a cord pass to help with internal organization and charging your gear.

All these pockets are designed with the same material as the lining. This is an upgrade from the original line of travel bags. Is a great fabric and has a bit of a polished feel to it. Your hand and gear will love it.

On the inside of this travel bag there is a small U-shaped pocket. This is where you find the RFID you can use protect some of your technology. There are also four mesh pockets great for cable organization, your mouse, or smaller items for your day trips.

If you don’t need this level of internal organization, all of these pockets late flat and this is a good thing, as it will keep your bag slim and easy to use if you don’t need these features.

This bag makes use of two types of zippers throughout its design.

YKK zippers and Zoom Zippers.

Ace and Bitchin’ Zippers Zippers are like the meat and potatoes of a sewn garment. Meat, potatoes and zippers are all important to the overall quality of a dish. YKK zippers are often referred to as the “gold standard” of zippers. They are sturdy, strong and made with durable components. They are also not too expensive which is always a plus. Zoom Zippers, on the other hand, are fun alternative to the traditional YKK zippers. This little guy is green! Zoom Zipper also have a variety of colors that are perfect for fun projects.

While every zipper is different, both YKK zippers and Zoom Zippers are fantastic.

YKK is the abbreviation for “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha,”, This is Japanese for “Yoshida Company Limited.”. This particular company manufactures almost half of the world’s zippers every year. YKK zippers are known for high quality.

Zoom zippers As another zipper brand that is known for high quality zippers. Some may argue not as high as YKK zippers, but for the sake of keeping this article somewhat short, what you need to know is that Ykkzippers and Zoom Zippers are great zippers. Moving on.

NOMATIC Travel Pack Review | The laptop compartment

We all know the importance of a laptop, and that’s why it should always be kept safe and sound in one of the many laptop compartments of a travel bag. These compartments keep your laptop safe from being crushed, as well as make it easy to find your device when you need it. The laptop compartment is one of the most important parts of a travel bag.

The laptop portion of the NOMADIC Travel Pack opens up in a clamshell modern design.It features a false bottom, meaning if you drop your bag the laptop won’t make full contact with the ground, making it safer. And that is good news.

Nobody likes going through airport security. However, with the clamshell design, airport security might not be as bad as you can easily open your bag and remove your laptop.

On the front of the laptop sleeve there is a small pocket for your tablet. Both of these areas have the same soft lining, and they feature a Velcro A bit for keeping your gear safe. While, in the other hand, there is a space for your travel documents if you need to use it, again, we think this is good news.

It is important to be organized when packing for a trip, especially when you have way more than just the basics to fit in your bag! Traveling can be hectic enough without having to worry about where your phone charger is, or the shoes that you need. I think it is very important to label your items and even pack them in a different section of the bag in case one of the items end up in the wrong place.

The NOMADIC Travel Pack has a lot of internal organization options.

The main compartment of his back features four mesh pockets located on various sides of the back. They vary in size and use it for multiple different personal items. One of these pockets may be a dedicated sunglass pocket, but you can use it for anything you don’t want getting crushed inside your bag. Such as that nice glass souvenir pen you bought.

There are lots of options on the inside and is ideal for internal organization. The great thing is all the stuff can be talked out of the way if it is not necessary for your day trip or international travel.

Why you should buy The NOMADIC Travel Pack

In this NOMATIC Travel Pack Review , we are here to make a case for why the nomadic travel pack should be your next purchase. It’s clear from the product’s name that it’s the perfect travel companion, but with so many options, why should you choose this one? We’ll break it down into five awesome reasons. It’s really light! You know what sucks? Overpacking and getting to your destination and realizing you have no idea what to wear because it’s freezing.

The nomadic travel pack team understands your pain, and they did something about it. They focused on the idea that light is right, so the cut their pack down to the bare essentials and were able to make it lightweight too.

Check it out on NOMATIC HERE

Why should you not buy The NOMADIC Travel Pack, But should, actually.

The Nomadic Travel Pack is a great bag for the outdoor-loving traveler, and there are many reasons to purchase this pack. However, there are also reasons to not buy this pack. Here are a few reasons why you should not purchase this pack. The Nomadic Travel Pack is relatively pricey. The Nomadic pack does not come with many features like compartments and pockets, and could make it difficult to access the things in your pack while you are on the go unless you pack smart.

The Nomadic Travel Pack only comes in black (at time of this review), and although this is not a problem for some people, for others it can be a bit of a bother.

Are Nomatic backpacks waterproof?

Nomatic backpacks are not waterproof. They are WATER RESISTANT. They will protect your belongings from light rain but not from long periods of exposure to the elements.

Where are Nomatic bags manufactured?

Nomatic Bags are made in Vietnam by the skilled hands of Vietnamese craftsmen and women. They are made of the finest materials, and every one is handmade with Love.

Is the Nomatic travel bag worth it?  Summary:

In this NOMATIC Travel Pack Review, we feel it is the perfect backpack for travelers who want to travel as light as possible and still have plenty of storage. This pack is easy to carry and can be worn as a backpack or converted to a tote bag with a simple flick of the wrist. It has neat features like magnetic water bottle pockets, and quick-grap pockets, and you can store a larger water bottle in the side.

It is an upgrade from the original version and could be a new contender for the best travel bag, but time will tell.

With this life-style, you can go down the road in style. On top of all this, this pack has plenty of storage room, so you can bring all the things you need without weighing yourself down with extra luggage.

A final word for you: thanks for reading this article and checking out this particular pack. We hope you got something from it and enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. Whatever you do, please travel safely and travel far. We’ll see you on the road.

Check it out on NOMATIC HERE

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