Ideal Travel Gear for 2019

Ideal Travel Gear for 2019

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Ideal Travel Gear for 2019

Ideal Travel Gear for 2019

Gearing up for upcoming adventures and world travels.  The right gear will make all the difference!  After a lot of research, and product review reading . Here is my selection of the ideal load out for adventure in 2019.

This list is assuming you are starting from nothing. I did take price into account, but figured its better to pay for quality. Think about it, more then month on the road, you need to rely on your gear, and rely on it to keep you safe!

Lets dive on in.BackpacksThe back pack to me is the most important thing (*after knowing where you will be going). This will be your mobile home, it will be with you for the length of your time traveling. You must have a good one or risk back pain, have wet gear or just being without that important item when you need it – as you did not have space.

I have 2 packs below. The main bag that will (for lack of a better word), be the mother ship. It will have the bulk of travel supplies and materials needed.   The second bag, will be the every day carry.

NOMATIC Water Resistant 40L Travel Bag

From all the reviews, this is by far the most versatile bag for travel.  It comes in a 30L and 40L versions and both could fit you well for many months or years on the road. The NOMATIC Travel Bag bundle is the ultimate travel kit with everything you’ll need to stay organized and stress-free on your next trip.Check it out Online here

Goruck GR1

While the Nomatic is a great travel back, it would not work too well as an every day carry. You get to your location and want to go exploring, you do not want to bring out on the street a big bag. This is were your Every Day Carry comes in. The Goruck G1 is ideal.  With superior design and use, this bag would last a life time!Check it out online here

Travel footwear – Shoes

After the travel bag, its time to look at shoes.  These will be what keeps your feet happy, dry and content, or wet and bent… lets try to keep them happy and dry!

Below are 2 shoes for different reasons.  Personally, I think you can live with just one of them, but both of these have uses.

Lems Trailhead Sneakers

Check it out online hereAll Birds Wool RunnersCheck them out online here.

Tim on a Rock
Tim on a Rock
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