Travelling in Northern Vietnam : Must Visit Locations

Travelling in Northern Vietnam : Must Visit LocationsIf you have been wanderlust-ing over green sceneries and beautiful bays, start with Northern Vietnam. Not only is this destination still an under-rated tourist destination, but it also offers numerous exciting experiences at a friendly budget. Today I will share with you a few places you should include on your itinerary when traveling to Vietnam.

Before you go travelling in Northern Vietnam :

The climate is humid and hot most of the year. So, the best time to visit Northern Vietnam is either in Spring or Autumn. The months between March to April or September to November before the cold winter starts are the most practical.

Also, learning how to ride a two-wheeler is a big bonus in Vietnam. That’s because it is the most common means of transport. It makes it faster and easier to navigate through the sometimes chaotic traffic in the main cities.

Must Visit Locations In Northern Vietnam

Cat Ba Island:

Bird-eye view of the Cat Ba Island is a beautiful and rare spectrum of tiny hills rising from the bay. It is the largest of the other 360 islands. The Cat Ba Island houses low-rise colorful hotels that add vibrancy to the already spectacular location. Whether you want to trek the hills, bike, or cycle through the paths or engage in water sports, it is all possible right here!

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Hanoi : Travelling in Northern VietnamThe nation’s capital is an exhilarating combination of western and eastern cultures. The French colonial influence is visible in the architecture and cuisine. But the main attraction is the incredible temples that date back to the 11th century. Make sure you don’t miss out on the historical Ho Chi Minh Museum and Mausoleum to travel back in time.

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Tam Coc:

Tam Coc is known for the green paddy fields amid limestone rock formations and cliffs. If you are looking for a calm place to catch a breath and feast your eyes, float through Tam Coc tunnels in local rafts or rowboats with miles of green paddies on both sides of the river bank.

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Ha Giang Province:

If you prefer an elevated view of the paddies, you can also go to Ha Giang Province near the China border. This part of the country’s vantage point presents the world’s best paddy field views within folds of lush greens mountains.

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Detian Falls or the Ban Gioc:

Situated on the border with China, you will find the three-stage waterfall cascading dramatically to small pools surrounded by lush green vegetation. You can use the rafts to chill in the pools or even take the 53rd merestone and hop on to China in a second legally!

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Halong Bay:

Halong bay : Travelling in Northern VietnamIt is the most well-known tourist destination in the whole of Vietnam and rightly so! The view is breath-taking and genuinely wonderful. The limestones that stick out of the bay and takes the shape of a “descending dragon” aptly translates to “Halong.” You can enjoy a leisurely day cruise and the night view of the spectacular sky over the unpolluted skies.

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Besides these places, Northern Vietnam is a traveller’s haven because there are so many places to visit and things you can do. Once you land there, you will find that every direction is a breath-taking backdrop for stunning selfies and creative videos.

So are you ready for a natural boost in the most spectacular part of the world? Add this to your list now!

What are your thoughts on these locations have you been?
Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope your days are Amazing.

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