Travel Day

Travel Day – CT to Spain 

Travel Day – CT to Spain

Hi Friends.

Today my trip started. A few days ago, I posted about the snowstorm that hindered my initial plans, and the issues that this snow caused. So today, I set off to fly to Madrid, Spain by way of London. I had no real plans or directions besides heading out and seeing was new.

First came the packing.

I opted for 3 bags, the small one for daily around town things, the larger one for the laptop and flight bag, then the largest for the clothing and such…

Spain1 (2).jpg

I also enjoy laying out all my gear and clothing ahead of time before I leave. It helps me take a mental stock of what I have and what has to go and also, reduces the “Oh, did I pack that” feeling…

Spain1 (3).jpg

Everything fits well into the 3 page. Looking at it now, I would like to reduce that just down to 2 or one bag… I dislike travelling with a lot of gear, but for today that works fine. 🙂

Spain1 (4).jpg

From the front door of my home to my hostel in Madrid, it took about 19 hours. 19 hours with all sorts of ups and downs to work through. Let me share with you this adventure as it unfolded.


I woke up at 7 am, got dressed and did some work on D.Buzz. Then at 11am, my mom, Grandma and I set out. We dropped off the grandmother then started the 2 hour drive to NYC!

Spain1 (10).jpg

Spain1 (12).jpg

Spain1 (13).jpg


We got to JFK and I assume my terminal was 8, as my flight was on American Airlines, however, it was on British Airlines, brought to you by American Airlines… so, I had to go to terminal 7. Sure, that is not an issue, but the air tram was broken, so I had to go on a bus, a bus that was delayed by about 40 min. Standing in the cold, the bus finally came, and it was packed.

Spain1 (17).jpg

Another 30 min of driving from 8 back to 7, and I arrived… oh right, before I left terminal 8, I had to fill in a health form online, that took 30 min, then stood in line, only to be told to go to terminal 7. Hahaha.. Good times. But, long story short, I made it to the Bridish Airways station and checked in.

Spain1 (18).jpg

After passing through security (Another 30 min due to the long lines), I made it, to the boarding gate with about 40 min left (I did get there at 1 pm… for a flight at 18:30… Hahhaa).

Spain1 (19).jpg

So to unwind, it was time to have a drink and enjoy the day a little.

Spain1 (20).jpg

Relaxing, finally… The time passed and then, over a loudspeaker, the time was 18:30 and the flight was boarding. On to the first flight!

Spain1 (22).jpg

What about travel that excites the soul and fills us with joy? Perhaps it is the new scenery, meeting new people, or tasting new foods. For me, it is all of the above and more!

Traveling to new places is always an adventure. You never know what you are going to find, what new things you will experience, or who you will meet. Every trip is different and exciting in its own way.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many amazing places over the years. I have seen some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, tasted foods from all over, and met some incredible people. Each trip has been a new and exciting adventure.

The flight from JFK in NYC to London was not so bad, I had an open seat next to me and had a window seat as well. WOOT!

Spain1 (24).jpg

While I was warm and happy on the plane, when I looked outside, the guy who was directing the flight to back up… well… He looked like he had seen some better days. OMG… to be him, in the below 0 temptues, having to just stand… hope he got some hot soup that night.


It was a 7-hour flight to London. Thinking now, I realy enjoy sitting by the window on flights to see the world go by outside. It’s always so amazing to see different cultures and lifestyles from thousands of feet in the air. I love that air travel allows me to explore the world without even leaving my seat.

Spain1 (29).jpg

I believe these are both pictures looking down on NYC after we took off…

Spain1 (30).jpg

They served 2 meals on the flight, dinner and breakfast. The dinner had HOT (almost too hot) pasta, some small green things and a great dessert. The breakfast was a dry croissant and yogurt. They were not the best meals, but they did the job in holding off my hunger for the flight.

Dinner :

Spain1 (31).jpg

Breakfast :

Spain1 (32).jpg

When we touched down in London, it was a good feeling. Like the first leg done, the hardships of getting the flight on time, are now in the past. My body felt a bit gooey, like it was not 100%… this I attributed to the lack of sleep and weird foods, but hey… Onwards and upwards.

For a moment, I debated staying in London. It is an interesting city aferall. However, it was raining, and it was cold out, soooooo … Nah. On to Spain.

The flight check was easy and the airport nice. I got to the flight and was ready to board.


When they called my boarding number, it was a good feeling.

Spain1 (36).jpg

This was a much smaller plane and only a short flight, about 1 hr and 35 min. Again, luck shined on me and I had a window seat and no one next to me.


ON this flight, they only gave us a little meal bar and water


HOWEVER, it was what was written on the bottle that I found to be … intriguing. It said that it was made with 50% PET… PETS? Like cats and dogs? WTF.. HAHAHAHAHA.. Sure, I know they were talking about something else, but I found it rather silly.

Spain1 (1).jpg

After a nap and some bumpy bumps, we landed in Madrid.


Again, the process of going through migration was so easy. Compared to doing this in Vietnam, it was a dream. The guy stamped my passport and said welcome… And that was that… I got my bags, did my health delectation, and sorted out my next flight for the 9th, on to Greece.


With bags in hand, tickets sorted, it was time to hit the subway and head to my hostile and start exploring Madrid!


Stay tuned tomorrow when I will share some photos of the city and a new story.

Hope you all get inspired and will head out for adventures as well.

Cheers and see you tomorrow

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