Terra Cafe Danang - A Cozy Bohemian Cafe in Danang, Vietnam
Terra Cafe Danang - A Cozy Bohemian Cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Terra Cafe Danang – A Cozy Bohemian Cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Terra Cafe Danang- A Cozy Bohemian Cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Terra Cafe Danang - A Cozy Bohemian Cafe in Danang, Vietnam
Terra Cafe Danang – A Cozy Bohemian Cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Introduction to the Terra Cafe Danang

Danang, Vietnam is home to many lively cafes, and today I went to go explore a new on, it is the laidback Terra Cafe. With its bohemian vibes and lush out wall wall garden, it’s an oasis of calm in this busy city. In this article, I’ll share my experience visiting this charming cafe, from its eclectic decor to the cozy workspace and relaxing ambience.

Terra Cafe Danang // Cà phê Terra

Location : Vietnam, Hải Châu, 21 Đường Trần Phú Thạch Thang Q
Google map link : https://maps.app.goo.gl/LnnNndKWQiru9M4v7


First Impressions about Terra Cafe Danang

Terra Cafe is easy to miss if you’re quickly driving by. It’s located on a busy street, with just a small sign out front, I drove past it many times and never noticed it.

But when you walk in the cool vintage Vespa parked by the entrance and cascading wall of lush plants, will pique your curiosity as it did mine, so I had to stop in.



Stepping inside, the bohemian style was immediately apparent. Every surface was decorated with an eclectic mix of vintage furnishings, hanging lights, and art prints. Plants of all sizes lined the walls and windows, making it feel tucked away in a greenhouse. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming.


The Ambience

Inside, I saw that Terra Cafe has a variety of seating options. There are standard tables and chairs. The assortment of mismatched, vintage-inspired furniture adds to the laidback vibe.


I chose a table to sit and work for a while, but found it a bit too high for my short stature. I ended up needing to sit on the pillows to comfortably reach my laptop. This might not work for everyone, but I didn’t mind the extra padding a bit to bing me up to working height.

The cafe was peaceful and uncrowded during my visit. Soft instrumental music played over the speakers, adding to the relaxing ambience. It was easy to get lost in my work amidst the indoor garden oasis.


Workspace Amenities

As a remote worker, I’m always looking for cafes with solid WiFi connectivity. Terra Cafe’s internet speeds were great, allowing me to get quite a bit done during my visit.

There are ample power outlets scattered throughout the cafe but they seem limited, so you can charge your devices at some tables. The assortment of chairs, coffee tables, couches and out door benches provide a variety of workspaces to choose from.


Terra Cafe has air conditioning, which is essential during Danang’s hot summers. The temperature was comfortable for lounging with a coffee or sitting down to work.

Soft lighting and the enveloping indoor garden make this space feel off the beaten path. It’s a perfect spot if you need a calm oasis to work without distractions.

In addition to the ambience, Terra Cafe has an extensive drink menu with coffee, tea, smoothies, and juices. They offer hot and iced coffee prepared in a variety of styles like espresso, cold brew, and pour over.

I opted for a simple iced black coffee to enjoy while I worked. It was reasonably priced and better quality than the mass-produced chains. The full menu also includes unique coffee cocktails and non-caffeinated options.


Terra Cafe also serves an assortment of baked goods you can nibble on while relaxing or working, I, however did not tray any, but I think they are brought in from a local bakery.

Final Impressions

With its laidback vibe, garden decor, and quiet workspace, Terra Cafe Danang is a nice place to add to your list of Danang cafes to visit. If you need a peaceful spot to relax or get work done, I highly recommend stopping by.

Just keep an eye out for the little building tucked on a busy street with the Vespa out front, and escape the city bustle at this urban oasis. The bohemian style and welcoming ambiance make Terra Cafe a charming gem worth discovering.


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