Northern Vietnam BaiYue Tribe journey

Northern Vietnam BaiYue Tribe journey Join the team and help sponsor the expedition!Here is the story!On the border of southern China and northern Vietnam there exists a people that are torn between two nations,China to the north and Vietnam to the south. The various Yue tribes can trace their history back to the first millennium AD. They’ve endured a lot throughout this time and almost vanished when their nation was slowly assimilated into the Han dynasty, but pockets of the Yue tribe remained, hidden high in the mountains. Here they held onto their rich history and past.

This ancient culture is however at risk once again of being assimilated, this time not by the Han Dynasty but by modern life. The goal of the Vietnam BaiYue tribal journey is to document the lives of these people. Capture the essence of who they are, their daily lives, their traditions, their smiles. While helping to raise more awareness about who they are.Here is whats going to happen :The intent of this project is to spend one month (*perhaps more) embedded with the BaiYue in the northern mountains of Vietnam.

During this time the goal is to capture photos and videos of these people. Record people of this tribe talking and telling stories about their past, record their various creation stories, myths and loar. Follow them on their daily routines of harvesting tea leaves, learn the secrets of their tea processing and preparation.

The secondary goal is to help teach English to the children and adults of this tribe. Along with this, also help this tribe get more media and exposure online about who they are, what they do, and get additional support to help sustain their way of life.

Along the way, photos of the journey will be posted online to generate additional exposure for them.

After the time embedded with this tribe. A room in Hanoi will be booked for a month. During this time the photos will be laid out into several books.

  • Portraits of the BaiYue
  • Life of the BaiYue
  • Stories of the BaiYue

The videos clips that were captured will be given to the tribes used in promotion and marketing.

Depending on time, the video clips may also be edited together into a shorter video documentary of the journey and the people.This cant be done alone…Here is where we need your sponsorship
to make this expedition a realityHere is what it will take.Transparency : Expedition Expenses

$950.00 Flight to Vietnam
$300.00 On the ground transportation
$350.00 2 Months Meals
$675.00 2 Months lodging
$1,300.00 Sony a6400 mirror less camera
$399.00 Longer lense
$67.00 Tripod
$78.00 Wireless Remote Commander
$30.00 Camera Safty Strap
$20.00 SmallRig Cold Shoe Relocation Plate (For mic)
$118.00 Sony a6400 extra Batteries (x 2)
$120.00 SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB (x3)
$11.00 Memory Card Holder
$25.00 Lovelier mic
$30.00 Rode Video shotgun phone cover (Dead Cat)
$62.00 Rode Video shotgun phone
$17.00 Rocket Air Blaster (for lense)
$37.00 Battery charger
$1,149.99 laptop for editing
$169.94 4 TB (rugged) hard drive
$715.00 Clothing and traveled garments
$704.00 Backpacks and packing material
$550.00 Travel insurance
$214.00 Assorted items
Grand Total : $8,091.93

Thank you for your Sponsorship!Any amount will go a long way to making this expeditionary a reality.

If you wish to discus other sponsorship ideas, such as using your gear in photos while on the expedition, please reach out and contact. Very excited to entertain any idea that can help facility bringing this project to a successful completion!



” I chose life over death for myself and my friends… I believe it is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all. “YOU ARE AMAZING!Without people like you, many stories would be lost.Thank you for your support, even if it only reading this post, or sharing it on Social Media. Exposure, contributions, and positive messages all are needed.

If you have any ideas, or comments, please send a message. It would be a delight to hear from you.

See you down the road and Stay Tuned for updates!

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