How to travel safely after COVID-19 : 7 Tips to keep you healthy!
How to travel safely after COVID-19 : 7 Tips to keep you healthy!

How to travel safely after COVID-19

How to travel safely after COVID-19 : 7 Tips to keep you healthy! Many countries are unlocking travel a restriction after the COVID-19 lockdown, and it is time to pack your bags and start exploring again. However, with little evidence about the reliability and effectiveness of trial vaccines, there are still huge risks. We have to start adapting to the New Normal and follow safety procedures to prevent spreading the virus.

Besides the recommended Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ( Reference: HERE) recommended by the WHO, here are some useful tips on how to travel safely after COVID-19.

1. Gear up:

No matter where you go, never leave your home without wearing a mask. Remember that even if you are taking a break, the virus is still out there, and everyone is a potential carrier. Wear a PPE and other protection if you are traveling in crowded public transport. There is no negative consequence for being extra careful. It is by letting our guards down that we put ourselves and others at risk.

handsantizer » Roaming Sparrow » 20242. Always carry a sanitizer:

It’s impossible to keep washing your hands every time you touch something or come into contact with others. Since washing hands too frequently causes the skin to dry out, and may also be impractical while traveling. To avoid the hassle, carry a hand sanitizer or disinfectant and use it whenever necessary.

3. Avoid close contact and crowded places:

Try to stay at least six feet apart from people and if places you intend to visit cannot accommodate that space, try to avoid it. Closed rooms and halls like pubs, clubs, and cafés are risky areas, and unless you are sure the place is thoroughly sanitized, don’t go there.


BeMindfull » Roaming Sparrow » 20244. Be mindful of your surroundings:

Since the novel coronavirus spreads through infected surfaces and people, always stay cautious of what you touch. Whether it is your electronic devices, door handles, ATMs, escalators, and check0in machines, use a sanitizer after using it. Do not touch your face or others before sanitizing your hands.

sidebag » Roaming Sparrow » 20245. Pack conveniently:

Place your mask, sanitizers, and toilet papers in an area where you can easily access it. Following the simple precautions become much more convenient when you can squirt the sanitizer using one hand and unroll the TP with the other. Carry a fanny pack or bags with side pockets to quickly get your things without touching others.

6. Checking in a safe place:

Before booking a hotel, make sure you inquire about their safety procedures. Ask whether they regularly test the employees and guests, and the rooms are spotless after every checkout. Even if they guarantee sanitization, wipe down your surroundings again to be sure.

BookOnline » Roaming Sparrow » 20247. Opt for online transactions:

Most airline and rail services are offering online payment and ticketing systems for a good cause. But when you go to stores, not every shop can provide you with the same facility. So before you make a purchase, ask for an online payment method to don’t have to touch the cash or visit ATMs often.

Whether you are chilling in a hotel or lounging at a beach, let your travel destination be an airy one. Closed space contains the virus longer and puts you at risk. Instead, opt for a window seat or an open space whenever possible to avoid indirect infection. Lastly, make sure you squeeze in a few days to isolate yourself to ensure that you do not have any symptoms.

I hope you found this guide useful in your upcoming travels!
Travel safe, travel far!

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