How to Hitchhike : 8 Tips for Basic Safely

How to Hitchhike : 8 Tips for Basic SafelyHow to Hitchhike, its a question I get asked often. Hitchhiking is a common practice that makes traveling cheaper and thrilling. If you know your way around places and people, you could gain plenty of beautiful stories and friends while hitchhiking!

However, there are always some risks involved, and you cannot be too sure when hitchhiking in a new place. So to be on the safer side, here are 8 tips to remember for hitchhiking safely.

Disclaimer : the tips presented within are for educational purposes only. I do not condone hitchhiking as there is a lot of inherent risk, more so given someone’s age and gender. I recommend avoiding hitchhiking, and proceed with extreme caution if you choose to do so.

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Look presentable

The first step is always to look presentable. Remember, you have lesser than a minute to catch the driver’s attention. So wear bright, conservative clothes and look clean. No one wants to pick up a dirty and stinking stranger to sit next to them!

As you wait, make sure you are not smoking, drinking, or sitting. Just as much as you care about your safety, even drivers care about theirs.

How to Hitchhike Be confident

Confidence is vital while hitchhiking. Always act like you know where you are and what you are doing. Look the driver in the eyes and be friendly. If you are too shy or act weird, the driver might think twice about your personality and pass.

How to Hitchhike Be friendly

Wave, smile, and take time to ask how they are doing if they stop to listen or inquire. You have to make a positive impression as quickly as possible.

If you look scared or insecure, you might look vulnerable and attract the wrong type of drivers. So be bold, friendly, and confident when you approach a car.

Choose a safe spot for parking.

Most cars won’t stop if you wait at an inconvenient spot, so stand where parking is available to prevent the driver from getting into trouble. A stoplight, intersections, and gas stations are safe parking spots to hitchhike.

You can also choose a shady and comfortable area if the weather is hot since you might have to wait for sometime before you get lucky. Standing under harsh weather conditions will exhaust you faster and affect your patience.

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How to Hitchhike Be vigilant

As you approach a driver, be vigilant of their mood and the other people in the car. Make sure the driver is sober and has a personality that doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Even if the driver is welcoming, make sure you are comfortable. Follow your instinct and if it doesn’t feel safe, politely tell them to drop you off at the nearest stop. You can also refuse to get in the car if you don’t feel right.

Avoid Sensitive Topics

While some drivers appreciate a good conversation during a long ride, others might prefer a quiet company. Let them pick the topic, and if it is a controversial one, pretend like you don’t know much about the subject. Avoiding sensitive topics can prevent arguments and misunderstandings, which is crucial for your safety.

Protect yourself

If you do have any self-defense skills, carry a pepper spray or a pocket knife. Also, avoid placing your bag in the trunk and always keep your valuables close to your body so that you can get off quickly.

Prepareyourself » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Prepare yourself

Finally, be mentally and physically prepared to wait for long hours. Pack extra food and water for your wait, and stay alert. Be ready to get yelled, honked, and laughed at, but don’t give up. Your destination will all be worth it if you follow these safety steps with resilience and patience.

There are many ways to travel in this world, from planes to trains and automobiles. There many people who enjoy traveling as much as you do, but then there also people take advantage of those who are in unfamiliar environments.

I hope you travel far and often, and when you do I hope you stay safe and have a fun memorable adventures!

Thanks for reading this guide on “How to Hitchhike : 8 Tips for Basic Safely ” . Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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