Discovering Da Nang's Stylish New Speakeasy-Inspired Bar, Firebirds
Discovering Da Nang's Stylish New Speakeasy-Inspired Bar, Firebirds

Firebirds, Discovering Da Nang’s Stylish New Speakeasy-Inspired Bar

Firebirds, Discovering Da Nang’s Stylish New Speakeasy-Inspired Bar

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Da Nang’s nightlife scene continues evolving with more intimate, design-focused bars opening up. My friend brought me to preview an exciting new speakeasy-inspired spot called Firebird that’s soon to debut. With its moody vintage decor, inventive cocktails, and chill vibe, it provides a stylish alternative to noisy clubs.

On the way in
On the way in

Firebirds – Cocktail & More

Mỹ Khê 7, Phước Mỹ, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng 50000
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just follow the path
Just follow the path

We discovered Firebird by chance, noticing the lights on and door unblocked though they aren’t officially open yet. Inside, the sultry speakeasy design immediately stood out. Dark wood, samurai sword, and ornate lamps created a cozy, retro living room feel.

The Bar
The Bar

Despite not being in full operation, the bartender Lucas, graciously served us some of their craft cocktail experiments to sample.

Making Nigroni
Making Negroni

The drinks were as artfully constructed as the decor. I especially loved the Negroni, its aroma transporting me back in time.

fancy drinks
Fancy drinks

Lucas explained Firebird’s concept pays homage to clandestine 1920s American bars. The owners want to cultivate a refined but relaxed vibe focused on quality over quantity.

Speakeasy bars, even when not actually secret, contain an inherent coolness. The vintage vibe conjures up nostalgia for the Roaring ’20s era of underground establishments operating on the sly. There’s a sense of mystery, illicitness, and exclusivity that’s hard to replicate. Whether truly hidden or just taking design cues, today’s speakeasies focus on an intimate, exclusive ambiance. The throwback surroundings make you feel part of a special experience open only to those “in the know.” While now legal, modern speakeasies aim to capture that underground energy – socializing in a cozy hideaway seemingly far removed from the outside world and everyday life. Their allure remains timeless.


Wandering to find the restrooms revealed the playful speakeasy theme. Rather than generic signs, they opted for an upside-down martini glass and cocktail shaker – leaving you to decipher which was which. Quirky touches like this up the intrigue.

To the restroom
To the restroom
bathroom sign Rock Glass
Bathroom Sign Rock Glass
bathroom sign Upside down martini glass
Bathroom Sign Upside Down Martini Glass

Between its Conversation-friendly volume, inventive drinks, and effortless class, I foresee Firebird becoming a staple nighttime hangout. It fills the need for stylish bars focused on mingling, not partying into the wee hours.

bar decore
Bar Decor

Places like this help expand Da Nang’s nightlife landscape beyond rowdy tourist streets. I’ll definitely be back once they fully launch. Let me know if you have similar hidden gem bar tips in your city!

Here’s to more atmosphere and quality winning over quantity.

Looks nice inside
Looks nice inside


Exploring and experiencing new places, like this stylish speakeasy-inspired bar, is a passion of mine. As an avid traveler and promoter of local businesses, I’m always open to collaborations that support unique venues and communities.

Partnerships on any scale have power – from small local events to larger sponsored projects that drive tourism and nightlife. If you know of intriguing locations like Firebird that have stories needing to be creatively told, please reach out.

I’m eager to collaborate with individuals or businesses interested in spotlighting distinctive spaces while benefiting all involved. My photography, writing, and social media skills allow me to compellingly share one-of-a-kind atmospheres. If you feel we could work together in a mutually beneficial way, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Discovering Firebird reminded me that so many little-known gems exist ready to be revealed. Promoting distinctive local businesses not only helps them, but also expands social and cultural possibilities for the entire community.

If you have a partnership concept, unique venue needing exposure, or just want to brainstorm, I’d love to chat. Driven by passion not profits, my goal is engaging with communities to bring underground spots into the spotlight. Let’s connect to see how we can collaborate. The next nightlife phenomenon awaits!

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