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It was a rainy day. By rainy day I mean to say it was like a garden hose from heaven is was turned on full, deluging the city of Hoi An. Such rain! It’s the rainy season, and this level of advanced precipitation is average. Or at least that is what they tell me; I think it’s crazy.  

Faifooink TattooOne of the roommates form the Workaway program I am with here, wanted to get a tattoo. Travis (one of the founders of the Workaway program here) told us about a decent shop. With this knowledge in hand, we ventured over to Faifooink Tattoo – Hoi An – Vietnam (Link).

Braving the waterfall of rain outside, we motorbiked to the small shop a few streets over. Upon arriving, there was no one on the ground floor — just an open bar with empty seats. The slick marble floors beckoning for you to slip. *Pro-tip, if your feet are wet, dry them before walking on a marble floor. Following a sign, we made our way up to the second floor of what felt like someone’s home. Upon reaching the top, it was clear that this was someone’s home. 🙂

Faifooink TattooMeeting the owner 

The artist and shop owner, Mr. Viet, greeted us at the glass door of his studio. Viet has been making body art for a while. About eight years if I remember correctly. He was very laid back and diligent in his work. 

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Faifooink TattooHe had met with my roommate the previous day to discuss ideas and the vision for her tattoo. She opted to get a phoenix rising on her side. It was an excellent selection for a work of body art. Phoenix birds have a lot of meaning, such as rebirth, growth, and renewal. I think everyone has a life event they can associate with this. 

Faifooink TattooThe process of putting down ink.

My self, I don’t have any tattoos on me, so the process was intriguing to witness. At first, they give you a paper print of the tattoo to place on your body. After some time fidgeting with it and finding the ideal placement, you hand it back to the artist. 

The artist then does the beautiful line transfer onto some carbon paper. When the illustration is on another type of paper, they cut it out and mark the location on the body you wanted the art. 

Faifooink TattooWith location marked, the artist cleans the area and applies a transfer solution. Like one of them stick on wet tattoos we used as kids, the art gets transferred onto your body. This is the last phase in the process; you can change something before the inking starts. 

DSC03027 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024With everything set, you lay down, and for the next few hours, you have a little needle poking your skin. Over and over and over again… just when you think you may have had too much, BAM – completed. Congratulations, you now have a new tattoo. 

DSC03035 » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Sparrow Summary: 

While I am no expert on the process, I have a lot of friends who are into tattoos. Sometimes I too want to get into tattoos. It is from my third-person perspective I say Faifooink Tattoo – Hoi An – Vietnam delivers some quality work at an acceptable price. My roommate is happy with the quality of the work, and it looks beautiful. 

Till next time, Cheers~ 😀

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