Ditch Social media and go on an Adventure
Ditch Social media and go on an Adventure

Ditch Social media and go on an Adventure

Life is short! Ditch Social media and go on an Adventure!We all know social media is toxic for mental health and spending too much time online is physically unhealthy. But it’s addictive, and some people depend on the internet for daily income. However, ditching social media and going on an adventure might be the best gift you can give yourself.

Don’t believe us? We’ll tell you why!

Social media is a form of virtual interaction, an escape from reality for a few minutes. While it helps us learn, connect, and get creative, it does more harm than good in the long run.

Relationships fail, unrealistic expectations and goals manifest, and takes you away from what’s truly important in life. Since it is so addictive, it makes you less productive, and when you stay away, it makes you feel more isolated and inadequate than ever.

Wasting6YearofYourlife » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Wasting six years of your life

On average, people spend at least 144 minutes online per day! That comes up to six years and eight months of an average lifespan. Do you really think it’s worth spending six years of your life scrolling and tapping through millions of posts? The answer is overwhelming NO.

So if you think you have been too busy to go on an adventure, disconnect, and you will find the time. We promise!

Besides the amount of time wasted on social media, here are several reasons to head out on an adventure instead.

Connectwithreality » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Appreciate and connect with reality

It doesn’t matter whether you are going abroad or for an overnight camping trip in the hills. Ditch Social media and go on an Adventure, Disconnecting for a few days or hours every day will help you connect with nature and reality. Not having to share everything online makes you truly enjoy the view and mentally picture your surroundings.

Then when you look back at the moments, all those beautiful pictures will replay in your mind and not on social media. This will help you find peace, calm, and inspiration whenever you need it.

Relying on your judgment

Depending on social media posts to determine whether a place has a wow-factor is unnatural and fogs your judgment. When you share too much on social media, you start depending on others’ likes, views, and opinions to validate the beauty of space and time that they are not even a part of!

If you are present at the moment, you get to make your own decisions. Some places might look great in pictures, but might not be so in reality. So you need to be there actually to witness it and decide for yourself.

Healthier Option » Roaming Sparrow » 2024Healthier Option

When you disconnect from social media and go on adventures, your body will thank you. You will sleep better, be more productive, and do more physical activities. You will also feel less stressed, more motivated, and creative.

Spending too much time on social media spoils your posture and eyesight and makes you lazy. On the other hand, going on adventures exercises your body and sharpens your view and mental capacity.

If you have been feeling stressed lately, skip the screen time and watch how many other things you can accomplish instead. It’s your choice, but don’t you think creating real memories is more meaningful and fun than watching others live it?

Ditch Social media and go on an Adventure, What do you think?

  • Are you more excited to turn off the lap top and go travel or not?
  • Do you have any reasons you want to share?

As always,

Travel far, Travel often!

Tim on a Rock
Tim on a Rock
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