Cathedral de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain
Cathedral de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain

Cathedral de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain

Cathedral de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain

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Cathedrals … Cathedrals are not just for worship, but for art as well! The stained-glass windows, intricate carvings, and beautiful murals all make these buildings a sight to behold. Whether you’re there to pray or just take in the beauty, cathedrals are definitely worth a visit.

The Cathedral de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain, is one such location.

Located directly across from the former Royal Place of Madrid (Now a government administrative building). This building, this Cathedral de la Almudena is HUGE. When I was on a walking tour a few days prior, the group walked past the Cathedral. Today, armed with some extra time to kill before meeting friends for dinner, I decided to walk into the belly of the religious beast.

After a brisk walk across town, I arrived just at the onset of sunset.

Cathedral de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain

Location : C. de Bailén, 10, 28013 Madrid, Spain
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Construction on this behemoth started in 1879 when Spain, wanted one of the largest cathedrals the world has ever seen. So, they built it. It was even built on top of a medieval mosque… Dare I say, a lot of religious energy in that place. In the photo below, the Cathedral is on the left, the old Royal place is on the right.


From the outside, you get a sense on the scale of this place. I could think of the king walking on Sunday, from the place to the gates of the church for services.


Lots of details and “nuggets” of visual works adorn the outside of the building. The bits of gold, statues of religious icons, and marble… classic Baroque Catholic design.


Inside, the ceilings stretch up into the heavens. When I went there was a mass happening… one priest standing up front talking… his voice sounded not that excited, as he spoke (*in Spanish) and it echoed around the gigantic space… When I walked, my steps echoed as well.


Here is another view of the ceiling facing the palace, and above the door the king would use is an amazing looking pipe organ. WOW, to hear that play, it must fill this space with such a sound.


Look at the details on that instrument. I wonder how much to pay the church to play” In the garden of Good and Evil” on it…


Speaking of paying the church… every place here has tipping boxes, both digital and coin. Like this one here. When you put a coin in, you light it up for 1 minute. I don’t think the church is hurting for money, but still, it is nice to see it light up like that. Hahaha.


Some magical moments for me were looking up to the highest point and seeing the explosion of color from the darkness… an alagorory to what heaven must be.


But down where we are, are dark long hallways, that stretch in the darkness, cold, alone…


Here is a closer photo of the alter and the one, lone priest speaking… Still speaking to a dark and sullen crowd.


Outside, the sun was almost set… And I caught this great sunset. It was a nice way to end the last day here in Spain, before flying on to Athens Greece.


Though cathedrals were primarily built for worship, their ornate design and architecture have also made them popular destinations for tourists and art lovers alike. Today, many cathedrals are used as concert halls, art galleries, and museums. They are also some of the most beautiful and intricate pieces of art in the world. With their soaring spires and stained-glass windows, cathedrals are a must-see for any art lover.

The Cathedral de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain, is worth the stop when you are walking through the city. It is free to enter and provides a bit of magical splendor to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and get inspired to go travel as well!



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