Travel Disasters
Travel Disasters

3 Ways to Look at Travel Disasters

3 Ways to Look at Travel Disasters

If you travel, you are going have a lot of GREAT adventures, but then every now again disaster may set in. You miss that buss you needed to be on, you lose something that you need, it starts to rain and you have no umbrella.  Its in that moment, you can let this moment define the rest of your day, or not…

Don’t get we wrong, their are DISASTERS.. and we will talk about them in a bit.

With the stage set, lets provide you with some tools to help you re-frame the moment, or at lest better define ways to see it. Here is the Roaming Sparrow 3 types of out looks (mind sets to frame the moment) on disasters.

Type 1 Disaster : This Disaster is Funny

Lol, this is the easiest way to see something. Can you frame this as something funny in your mind? Like the buss is pulling away as you are ruining up to it but you never catch it, sorta like a movie? It is a disaster yes… but very much so not the end of the world.

I would venture to say that, 50% or more disasters fall into the type 1 category. You just need to smile and enjoy the experience as you will be ok, it will be ok.

Type 2 Disaster : Can this moment be funny… later on?

Sure, some moments when you are in them seem like.


But again tho, is its really horrible?

Lets look at the buss example like before.  You miss it, and then you don’t make your flight at the airport and it take another few days to get to your next stop. disaster! .. but not so much

Is it truly the end of the world, or do you think that in an hour when the moment is past, or a day later, or a year later… can you look back at that moment at laugh?  Perhaps the retelling of the story makes you simile… then its a type 2 disaster.

Its sometimes hard to see a type 2 in the moment… however its been my experience that the next 49 % of disasters will be funny later on.  So keep that one in mind. That even tho you are like… this is the worst… it relay is not.

This brings us to the last way to look at disasters, and that is the truly bad ones.

Type 3 Disaster :  This is a true disaster and I never way to think about it again.

If you find yourself in a type 3 disaster you will know.

This is a disaster that is a true disaster.  Like you and a good friend, a lover have a fight that their is no coming back from.  These moments are the worst. Don’t get worried tho, less then 1% of disaster fall into this category.

Sometimes you may say this is a type 3 disaster, but when you think about it more.. you may be like this is only a type 2, or type 1.

If their is any quiver of doubt to the type 3 disaster rating, then well, its not a type 3. Chances are its a type 2 or if you think a bit more a type 1.

Wrap it up

There you have it, my 3 categories of disasters and how I try to frame them. I hope that in some small way, this can help you to see the moment you are in, in perhaps a new light.

Post in the comments some of your type 1 or type 2 disasters. I would love to read about them.

Tim on a Rock
Tim on a Rock
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