2 months, 2 people, Vietnam – Photos & Stories while on Motorbikes.

2 months, 2 people, Vietnam  Photos & Stories while on Motorbikes.Join the team and help sponsor the expedition!Here is the story!COIVD-19 has impacted many industries; tourism is one of the hardest hit. Travelers who are stuck at home are hungry to see and experience travel, but can not. Moreover, the majority of photographers travel bloggers who usually blaze travel paths, share stories, and photos from travel, are laying low.

These factors contribute to a slowing of the tourism engine globally and in Vietnam. This slowdown is also creating a vacuum of consumers who enjoy seeing pictures and reading stories of travel but now cant.

I find myself in a unique position. I have been living and working in Vietnam for seven months. When COVID exploded, I stayed in Vietnam to ride out the storm. Now with quarantine coming to an end, I want to help my Vietnamese friends and provide media for those who enjoy reading travel.Here is whats going to happen :

This project intends to:

  • Raise more awareness of Vietnam and its beauty.
  • Encourage people to come to explore the country.
  • Create a body of photography artwork highlighting Vietnam.

The way I intend to accomplish this.

My self and a local Vietnamese photographer will set out for a two-month cross country travel on motorbikes. We will leave from Hoi An in central Vietnam and travel North. From their journey through the mountain passes next to China. We will continue down along the Ho Chi Minh Trail with Laos and into the deep South. Touring the Mekong Delta and a few of the islands, then back North again to Hoi An. This journey will take about two months.

While on the road, we will be posting photos each day to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media channels. Also, we will be publishing blog posts in both Vietnamese and English about the stories we encounter.

Each day we estimate between 10 to 20 great photos taken on DSLR equivalent cameras (600 – 1,200 photos in total), along with 2 photos posted to Instagram daily, and 2 to facebook (*from either edited photos or camera photos).
Additionally, each week we will be posting two articles at 500 words or more to a blog and additional media platforms.

After returning to Hoi An, we will select a body of work to use in a gallery opening. We will also publish a photo journal book about this experience along with selected stories.This cant be done alone…Here is where we need your sponsorship
to make this expedition a realityHere is what it will take.Transparency : Expedition Expenses

Avarage Costs per day Per Day
(1 person)
Total VND
1 Person 1 Month
Total in USD
Motor Bikes Rental 100,000 3,000,000.00 $129.00
Fuel 100,000 3,000,000.00 $129.00
Meals 150,000 4,500,000.00 $193.50
Accommodations 75,000 2,250,000.00 $96.75
Unforeseen costs 75,000 2,250,000.00 $96.75
Total Cost for 1 person 15,000,000.00 $645.00
Total cost for two people 30,000,000.00 $1,290.00
Cost for Second month 60,000,000.00 $2,580.00
Needed Equipment VND USD
Video Camera 11,800,000.00 $507.40
Lap Top 11,700,000.00 $503.10
Video Gear 11,700,000.00 $503.10
Bike Equipment 10,000,000 $430.00
Total 45,200,000.00 $1,943.60
Grand Total 105,200,000.00 $4,523.60

We can offer in exchange for sponsorship.

Depending on what level you like to sponsor, we have many ways of saying thank you.

  • Your name and a link included in our daily social media posts. (Estimated at 120+ reposted on six distribution channels)
  • Your name and a link/logo included in our weekly blog posts. (Estimated at 16 articles at 500 words+ reposted on six distribution channels)
  • Your name and logo included as a sponsor in our art gallery showing (Date and location TBD).
  • Your name and logo included in the print on demand photo journal book (Release date TBD).
  • You would have media use rights to the photos taken on the journey (We would retain ownership, but you may use the images in your marketing).
  • We are also happy to discuss other creative ways of saying thank you.

Any funding received more than our ask will go towards additional gear, or into production cost for the gallery show or art bookQuestions? Contact me!Facebook InstagramAdd Your Sponsorship Here!Any amount will go a long way to making this expeditionary a reality.

If you wish to discus other sponsorship ideas, such as using your gear in photos while on the expedition, please reach out and contact. Very excited to entertain any idea that can help facility bringing this project to a successful completion!

Your Donation


” I chose life over death for myself and my friends… I believe it is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all. “YOU ARE AMAZING!Without people like you, many stories would be lost.Thank you for your support, even if it only reading this post, or sharing it on Social Media. Exposure, contributions, and positive messages all are needed.

If you have any ideas, or comments, please send a message. It would be a delight to hear from you.

See you down the road and Stay Tuned for updates!

Tim on a Rock
Tim on a Rock
Roaming Sparrow is a project by Tim Mack. It is a life on the road, an adventure to gain knowledge and share genuine experiences.
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