10 days on the road - Vietnam Update
10 days on the road - Vietnam Update

10 days on the road – Vietnam Update

10 days on the road – Vietnam Update

10 Days on the Road - Vietnam Update
10 Days on the Road – Vietnam Update

Its been a little over nine days since touching down in Vietnam, and now only about1 week in the ocean side city of Hoi An. A lot has happened in this time from good to bad. I made new contacts, photographed some new places, and am working on integrating into the Vietnamese lifestyle.

I have also encountered a lot of challenges: both internally and externally. I also fought to overcome jet lag (*My dad did warn me about this), a battle I am just now winning. Feelings of isolation crept in at times, struggles to find a place to eat, worries about the future, choices made, and fiance woes lol. However, it’s only been nine days on the road. All of these feelings and thoughts are natural, and a lot of traveling people do get them.

Ten days on the road Vietnam
Ten days on the road Vietnam

Highlights of my trip so far

  • Flying from New York and stepping off the plane into Vietnam.
  • Exploring Old Town Hanoi.
  • Drinking Egg Coffee.
  • Driving a motor scooter.
  • Swimming for the first time at Cud Di Beach.
  • Hanging out with Dustin Bever.
  • Getting a motorbike ride to an ESL gig in a rainstorm.
  • Exploring Old Town Hoi An.
  • Meeting Travis and Joleen from HiddenHoian.com
  • Meeting Marissa from LoveMarissa.com
  • Meeting more locals and learning some Vietnamese.
  • Having great photos to upload to stock photo sites.

Some of the low lights of the trip so far

  • I think I have a small rash on the back of my neck.
  • Ankles are a bit itchy, believe it was that I walked too much.
  • Funding, I got to start to save more funds!
  • I am not feeling like I am making the most of this.
  • My headspace drifts to dark places at times.
  • Thinking, I can never learn Vietnamese.
  • Feelings like others are taking advantage of me.
  • Seeing a mountain of photos, I need to tag and upload to stock photo sites.
Ten days on the road Vietnam
Ten days on the road Vietnam

Upcoming events I am looking forward to

  • Getting a motor scooter to get around.
  • Meeting more locals and getting behind the tourist wall.
  • Exploring the ESL job in more depth.
  • Sleep normalizing.
  • Next team meeting at HiddenHoian.com.
  • Sunday is the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride then beach party.
  • Tasty meals
  • Getting my first pay from a few days of ELS work.
  • Doing more Veitnmease langue learning.
  • Taking more photos.
Ten days on the road Vietnam
Ten days on the road Vietnam

Sparrow Thoughts

I am sitting in a small cafe called “Thy Thy Cafe” at 562 Cua Dai here in Hoi An as I type this. This cafe is one that locals go to, and I am the only westerner here. As mellow music drifts over the radio of some female Veitmese singer I cant understand, locals are talking. They are saying words I do not know. However, kids are running around in silly hats, I have a cup of coffee next to me, and for the moment the weather is fantastic.

Rocks leave ripples when they get tossed into the water. These ripples fade in time, and the water finds its balance again. When you are setting out for a long time on the road, or even a short time, this is a big rock getting tossed into your life — the bigger the stone, the more significant the change, the more ripples.

I feel confident that the next ten days will bring with it more challenges, more woes, but also more moments of joy, more moments of awe and wow. With each day, the ripples fade further, and life goes on.

Thanks for reading!

Go on and enjoy the adventure!Check out the Photo gallery from the Trip HERE!

Tim on a Rock
Tim on a Rock
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