X4 CPL 77mm Circular Polarizer Filter Review

X4 CPL 77mm Circular Polarizer Filter Review

  • FITMENT: This CPL filter is compatible with all 77mm camera lenses.

X4 CPL 77mm Circular Polarizer Filter Review

As soon as you attach the X4 CPL, you will realize you have not experienced anything like it. This filter has an American made CPL film and a frame made of brass. THIS IS DURABILITY at its finest! Oh, and there is more!

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Every professional photographer needs polarizers to click impeccable photos. These are filters that play a crucial role in sifting the polarized light that often gets on the pictures because of glare and reflection. Breakthrough Photography’s X4 Circular Polarizer Filter is considered one of the best polarizers available in the market. Is it really that effective or not? Let’s reveal some facts now!

The X4 CPL 72mm Circular Polarizer:

Breakthrough Photography has introduced some great products. The X4 CPL features excellent build quality and optical quality is also quite impressive. Marketed as the most cutting-edge circular polarizer in the world, the pros found it pretty impressive in different scenarios.

Optical performance:

Every photographer wants to produce impressive photographs. The X4 CPL has an impressive optical quality which makes the finished photographs look pretty awesome. As a professional photographer, you want perfect sharpness, color cast, and vignetting. The X4 CPL will certainly amaze you in terms of sharpness because there won’t be any issues like image degradation.
Poor quality polarizers cast unwanted colors. That issue will not trouble you when you are using the X4 Circular Polarizer Filter. All the pictures you click with the X4 CPL will be free of discoloration.

Build quality:

It is quite tough to find any flaw in X4 CPL’s build quality. Durable filter housing allows you to take a little rough use. It has deep traction grooves that seems to cut across the bezel to offer a much stronger grip. It will not be difficult for you to hold this polarizer, even when you are wearing gloves in cold weather conditions.

This polarizer does not get stuck when you are applying several filters because it is made of brass instead of aluminum. You can move the filter bezel quite quickly whenever you want to engage or disengage the polarization effect in your photographs. No dirt or moisture will cause affect your performance. Breakthrough Technology’s Nanotec and MRC optical coatings will keep the glass clean all the time.

25-year support:

Every X4 CPL filter comes with a unique serial number which is laser engraved on it. You can use that number to activate 25-year Ironclad guarantee from Breakthrough Photography. Every user with this serial number can email or contact on phone to the service provider for assistance in case of troubles or a malfunction.

Key features:

The following features prove the X4 CPL filter is a significant investment:

  • As the manufacturer guarantees and experienced by many professional photographers, the X4 CPL filter is the world’s most color neutral polarizer.
  • Offers a perfectly controlled transmission into IR, and there will be no curve spike at all. That’s how you get vibrant and lively images.
  • It is equipped with SCHOTT Superwhite B270 optical glass to offer impressive transmission in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared spectrum.
  • This works great with 77mm camera lenses.

Sparrow thoughts:

As a professional photographer, you should invest your money in gears which can quickly enhance your productivity. The X4 CPL is one of those gears which can improve the quality of your work and help you in gaining more attention.Check this item out on Amazon – Click here

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