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Priority Pass

Priority Pass gives you all access to airport lounges around the world and is the necessity for the frequent traveler. Read below for more of a review of Priority Pass.

Priority Pass – Summary

Priority Pass the subscription service that allows you to have discounted or free access to airport lounges worldwide. If you’re going to fly more than 10 times (five round trip tickets) the service is worth it 100%!Learn more about Priority Pass – Click Here

Priority Pass – AirPort lounge Acess.

If you are a frequent traveler, you know the joy was and the Heartaches of traveling. The place for most of these heartaches happen is at the airport. Perhaps your flight is delayed, perhaps you have a long layover, and dare I say you have to sit in those somewhat sometimes uncomfortable chairs. Well, I have a solution. Priority pass. This is my review of their service and how their service could help you enjoy the experience of travel more.

What is Priority Pass?

They offer for main selling points these points are:

The airport experience: Access to over 1200 airport lounges and experiences worldwide regardless of airline flown or class of travel.
Order takeout: Pre-order your food at selected airport outlets via the Priority Pass app. Ideal whether you’re in a rush, or just don’t want to wait in line.
Digital airport maps listing where the lounges are and more helpful information.
Other exclusive offers such as access to spas and their airport amenities.

Priority Pass Rates:

The introduction package starts at $99 for The Standard package, $299 for the Standard plus, and $499 for the Prestige level. I know what you are thinking, these rates are a bit high for access to an airport lounge! So let’s look at this a bit more, and talk about why this is actually amazing!

First off most airport lounges fall between $30 to $75 for a visit. With the standard package, all lounge access is $35, With the standard plus, you get 10 free lounge accesses a year (then back to $35), and with the prestige, you get free access ALL THE TIME!

Just looking at the rates if you think you’re going to fly 10 times in a year (or five round-trip tickets), at $30 or more per access to a lounge, this is $300 at the minimum, so the $299 makes sense.

The real magic happens when you think what is provided in the airport lounge!

How much do you spend at the airport?

Perhaps $6 for an expensive sandwich that was not worth it, another $4 for a coffee at an overcrowded café, then You sit mildly uncomfortable trying to work on your laptop at the gate. Altogether I would say on average people spend about $15 while waiting for their flights.

This is where the airport lounge comes in. While not all airport lounges provide this, most do Provide you with free coffee, Some have free food like salad or fruit, And even some give you a complimentary cocktail! On top of this, you will have a much more comfortable experience while waiting for your flight and to me that’s priceless!

On the topic of comfort.

Let’s just say you had your 20-hour flight from JFK to Saudi Arabia, you have an eight-hour layover before your flight to Hong Kong. I bet you don’t smell like roses, and you would love to have a shower. Enter the airport lounge!

Most airport lounges have facilities you can go shower in. This itself is priceless. To freshen up after a long flight. Or even if you reach your destination and you have to go right into a business meeting, you could stop by the airport lounge, grab a quick shower and shave and be ready for that meeting!


Most airports do come with Wi-Fi. It’s been my experience that most require you to log onto their network or purchase a pass to use them. Then the Internet speed itself is decent but not great.

Again this is where the airport lounge excels. Much faster Internet speed, no need to pay any extra money to use it, oh and then there is the business center you can use while in the lounge. These business centers include such things as personal working spaces, access the printers, and power outlets to charge your precious devices.

Last but not least lockers!

If you have a long way over, especially with international travel, the airport hub can be a fun place filled with a lot of unique things to check out. You don’t want to lug around that big backpack as you walk literally miles sometimes in an airport.

Most airport lounges come with blockers for your bags, or they have a service to check your bags for you while you explore the rest of the airport. While it seems like a small thing, this in itself could have a huge impact on your enjoyment of your time airport.

Priority Pass, is it worth it?

I say heck yes!

If you’re going to do more than 10 flights in a year, go for the priority plus and don’t look back! If you are an avid traveler and will be jet setting around the globe with over 10 flights of the year, get that the prestige package and enjoying the airport in the way it was meant to be!Learn more about Priority Pass – Click Here

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