Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage Review

  • Cordura,Mesh,Polyester,Ripstop
  • Imported
  • An impressive amount of space in a convenient Carry On size (most airlines), expansion panel adds 15 liters (900 cu. in. ) and securely closes with a #10 YKK main zipper access
  • Our split level design with mesh divider and our exterior padded 17″ laptop sleeve pocket makes for easy access and organization while you travel
  • Built for travel efficiency with a molded cup rest, hidden ID pocket for security, retractable handle & replaceable wheels | Price varies by fabric
  • Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 9″
  • Dakine offers a Limited Lifetime against manufacturing defects within the normal scope of use


Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage Review

There was a time when people used to carry their luggage in normal suitcases. These were heavy bags designed to protect your belongings against all sorts of damaging elements. Although those old-school suitcases were pretty tough, it was even tougher to haul them in the hotel, on the streets, and a remote camping location. No more with the The Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage!Check this item out on Amazon – Click here

Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage Unbiased Review
Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage Unbiased Review

Now people use rolled travel luggage instead of those old-school suitcases. It comes with two wheels and ample space for storing all your belongings safely. The Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage is endorsed as the best-rolled travel luggage on the internet. Is it truly the best or just an ordinary trolley bag? Let’s find out the answer in this review.

Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage Review – key features:

The following features make Dakine Unisex Status Roller a perfect choice for every traveler.

Ample space:

This rolled travel luggage offers immense space for storing your luggage in a convenient Carry On size. Its expansion panel offers 15 Liters more space for securely carrying your clothes, accessories, and other important belongings. This luggage is equipped with a #10 YKK main zipper which keeps the bag closed securely until you do not open it to access your belongings. You also get additional space to store your laptop on the outer pocket and a molded cup rest for your coffee cup. That dedicated laptop sleeve will protect your device against normal shocks and offer quick access to take it out.

It is secure and durable:

This rolled travel luggage provides a tuck-away ID pocket in which you can keep your ID. It helps you in recognizing your luggage if someone else carries the same luggage on the flight. This case has a retractable handle which is quite tough to bend or twist. The handle won’t break if you accidentally put pressure on it. There are two durable urethane wheels, which are designed to run smoothly over smooth and rough terrains. It won’t tear apart even if you take rough use. All your belongings will be safe until this bag is hauling them securely.

Oversized external pocket:

Although we all carry our phone, keys, etc. in our jeans pockets to conveniently access these things, it can be a little daunting when you are on a long flight. You want to be comfortable, but those that phone and other accessories do not allow you to sit conveniently. Therefore, Dakine Unisex Status Rolled Luggage offers an oversized external pocket to carry a smartphone, headphones, keys, wallet, and any other thing you are carrying with you. It is the outermost pocket on this luggage, which you can quickly access to get your things out.

The Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage – 42L capacity:

It is the best rolled travel luggage if you are planning to spend a long weekend on your favourite tourist destination. You can carry everything you need from your clothes to footwear and electronic gadgets.

Sparrow thoughts:

The Dakine Unisex Status Roller Luggage is a superb choice for carrying luggage securely and conveniently. This affordable rolled travel luggage comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You can contact the manufacturer if it comes defected or it gets damagedCheck this item out on Amazon – Click here


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