My Travel First Aid Kit
My Travel First Aid Kit

My Travel First Aid Kit

My Travel First Aid Kit

My Travel First Aid Kit
My Travel First Aid Kit


A lot of people tend to over look the First Aid kit when packing for an adventure! Its one of the last things on their minds. I would suggest you rethink that and have it on the top of your list!

A lot of the world has varying standards of health and of first aid. Some times just an antiseptic wipe can mean the difference between an infection, or just a small cut. In other outcomes, having a bit more gear can help you and your travel buddies stay strong.

Here is my Travel First Aid Kit. Its not the best, but it has come in hand quite a few times while on the road. I also want to add a few more things to it. But for now… take a look at where I am at.

Travel First Aid Kit Full PhotoTravel First Aid Kit – Full Photo

  • Band aids.  These are the unsung heroes of the First Aid Kit.  Get a bunch in different sizes. Get the BIG ones and the butterfly’s, also a few smaller ones for them nicks that just sting.
  • Zicam. This stuff is a bit weird, but for me it works. When I start to feel a cold coming on, I crack open one of these and rub it in my nose… by the morning time, most times, I am back to feeling good.
  • Thearaflue. I have just one pack of this. Its the standby when I think I am down for the count. Mix this with some warm water and in 20 minuets, I am out and my issues are suppressed till the morning.
  • Advil! Beer is cheep around the world and we tend to party to much.. this is golden when you wake up and you got to catch that train, but your head is saying.. NOOOOO… Lol.
  • Tamra Pads and Gauze.  These are good for stopping a big wound that is pumping out blood, or for warping up burns. Get help right away if you need this!
  • Hyrdogel dressing. This is great for burns, it help keep the brunt area cool and damp while it heals.
  • Sun Ray x 30 Cream. This helps with sunburns and keeping it cool
  • Tegaederm Film. This is like second skin. Clean and cover that wound or burn. This stuff is like a second layer of skin to cover the trauma and keep the bad stuff out.
  • 2 sets of Sutures. If I am in the back sticks and fall, stitching up the gash could mean life or death. Sutures that are pre threaded and you can pull out and do what needs to be done… perhaps are a bit over kill.. but I want to be safe.
  • Day Quil and Night Quil 1 dose each. Again, if I am feeling this sick, and NEED to travel, this is one way to get threw it with out feeling like death the whole time.
  • Modaleart. These are my pick me ups when the chips are down and I have to hike out 10 miles on no food. They pick up my mood and help me focus while giving a boost of energy.
  • Anti diarrhea pills. You may eat some weird things your belly just does not like, perhaps you have to sit in a crowded train after this… just saying… its not fun.. so, you know.
  • Muscle Gel. Sore muscles are common when on the road, but like SORE muscles or sprains are not fun.. better take care of them.
  • A few sets of Rubber gloves. Hey if you have to treat someone and have time, putting on gloves is a good way to reduce the chance infection of something you don’t want to get.
  • Tweezers and Scissors . VERY USEFUL. Just have a good set on ya. Pro Tip as well. Make sure the Scissors are small.. big ones will bet take at the air ports as potential weapons.
  • Digital thermometer (the mouth kind). Again, sora a luxury… but its nice to know if you are just a little bit hot, or like OMG I NEED TO BE AIR RECUSED hot.
  • A Nice small case to put all this in. Something small you can fit in your hand and keep on your body and in your go bag at all times.. as what good is all this if its back in the hotel and you are on the streets with a cut?
Travel First Aid Kit Packed
Travel First Aid Kit Packed

Their are so many ways to set up a travel first aid kit, but the most important thing is to have one on you at all times when on the road.

If in doubt of where to start, this is a good starter kit you can get on Amazon – 

Start with this then add to it. Add things you think you may need, and some thing you hope you never need.

Do you have a question about something in this kit? Do you have any suggestions of your own to add to this kit? If so post below, I would love to hear your feed back.

Thanks for reading!

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