How To Make Money With A Travel Blog

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How To Make Money With A Travel Blog:

Patience is key. One of the first and foremost things, before we talk about How To Make Money With A Travel Blog, it is not to expect too much too quickly. The only mantras apart from waiting for the correct opportunity are resilience and hard work.

Hard work doesn’t betray, and that also pertains to a travel blog. Thus, without ado, let’s move on to our article on how to make money with a travel blog.

Usually, before any blog starts minting any real cash, it already has more than a year’s worth of content. The time period could be shorter in case the blogger is grinding day and night or just got lucky.

However, one thing to consider here is that, for sure, travel blogging belongs to the lesser money pool. What that means is that, when compared to beauty or fashion bloggers, the money, for sure, is lesser. Thus, if money is the only concern here, there are other blogging options available.

This is an article in a series I have been writing about How to start a travel blog.

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The Prerequisites:

Even though it is true that there is lesser money, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any money. Besides, there exist a few ways by means of which one may maximize the generation of income.

Choose Your Host Website Carefully:

It is vital that bloggers do their research properly before jumping the gun and choosing a host. It is one of those situations where your decision will either make you or break you. A good host website will offer your readers a faster and smoother platform.

If you’re looking for a suggestion and a good web host that is affordable, I’ve been using this particular hosting company for several years now and have 20 or so web pages hosted with them.

Be Active on Social Media:

You must not underestimate the importance of social media for your blog. Social media further brings in the crowd for the success of your blog. But that doesn’t mean you need to have millions of followers on social media. Just actively posting will garner your blog enough exposure.

Focus on the Site’s Appeal:

Ensure that your blog website is visually appealing and attracts readers. Organize it properly for a flow and transition from one page to the next.

Develop a Brand or Niche:

This factor helps you pull in customers in need of specialized services. Besides, your niche might change every other year.

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How To Make Money With A Travel Blog, Traveling:

It seems obvious to mention traveling in the list of ways to make money for your blog. But it is among the best ways to generate money. Traveling happens in the form of either campaigns or press trips, and so on.

Usually, these press trips cover the travel, stay and food expenses and employ around twenty bloggers at once. Thus, instead of paying in cash, they choose to pay in kind.

Besides, it is up to you to decide on what you wish to talk about when you blog about your experiences. Also, ensure you get a fair amount, especially if you have a large or active loyal audience.

You can focus on trying to approach traveling with a beginner’s mind, for more organic and enriching experiences you can share with your readers.

Make use of your blog post for freelance work:

Freelance work is an avenue that can generate money that depends entirely on you. For new travel bloggers, it offers an alternate medium to earn money.

At the same time, it won’t fetch you a lot of money in the beginning. But as you gather more experience and increase your influence over the clients, you’ll be able to charge more.

Also, it is always beneficial if a blogging platform recognizes your reach as a freelancer. That will allow you to grow as a freelancer who will have positive impacts on your travel website as well. Besides, it will open up an avenue for you that is better and pay you more.

How To Make Money With A Travel Blog : Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is more of an extension of the blogger than the blog. Just as it is with travel blogging in general, affiliate marketing takes time to come to fruition. Be ready for the long haul. You might only receive attention and the money today for an article written two to three years ago. But to be very honest, it is worth it.

Even for those who are just taking baby steps as bloggers, it is necessary that they form affiliations. It involves advertising brands and their products that you have affiliations with.
Remember only to promote and advertise those brands you use and trust in. That is because trust is the foundation of bloggers and their audience.

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Travel Vlogs:

Since you already have the scripted content for your blog, you may even try to vlog your blog. At the same time, there exists only a minuscule population who are both travel bloggers and travel vloggers. It is a fact that shooting a vlog just isn’t about filming.

A vlog involves editing, processing, and so on that takes up a lot of time. But if you’re able to manage to post blogs as well as vlogs regularly, you’ll be able to make more money.

Another way to generate more income is by means of video monetization.

Launch your own brand:

Guess what most famous and successful entrepreneurs have in common? They all possess their own brands. It could be anything from books, food to something that stands out the most to you. Here, creativity and originality are the factors that will further fetch you even more money.

Here is an article I wrote about, Creating a travel blog, choosing a name and logo.

But before you decide to sell your own product line, ensure that you already have a certain number of followers, and that the product is decent.


Ads and promotions offer a way for you to reach a targeted or even the general audience. Of late, networks that hold a majority size of the market require around half a million views monthly.
In addition, an abundance of ads might make your travel blog website look tardy, but that shouldn’t come off as a huge issue, if you advertise tastefully.

Revenue through Pictures:

Taking pictures comes very naturally to travel bloggers. Photos add a certain depth to the blog and are a means of interaction with the readers. Since you’ll be posting pictures on your social media, there are avenues you can explore to develop this more.

You can apply for paid work by providing pictures to clients on social media such as Instagram.

Also, since you’ll have a lot of unused pictures, you can even sell them in stock online.

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Wrapping it up:

The biggest rivers are formed from smaller streams, these small streams are formed little brooks in the mountain. The same could be true about your overall revenue strategy. Many smaller streams of income, could come together to form the river that is your main income.

It takes a while to build up the smaller streams of income, but over time they all develop further. Some may not develop at all, and some may become a major stream for you… Just need to stick with it, keep trying new things, focus on what works and, with dedication and a little luck you will find yourself in a comfortable place earning a living off your travel blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article about How To Make Money With A Travel Blog.

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