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How to Keep a Traveling Mindset in Difficult Times

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How to Keep a Traveling Mindset in Difficult Times:

Traveling is a great way to show appreciation and a great way to experience the world, and a Traveling Mindset is important. Sadly, the world is a difficult place to be right now. Traveling the world today can cause a lot of anxiety for some, from the ongoing refugee crisis to terror attacks to political instability. It can cause days like ours that include waiting for a flight to be cancelled and then being stuck in a taxi in heavy traffic, to be quite difficult. However, the worst thing you can do is let this stop you from continuing to travel.

Our society can be tough and travel can be a difficult time for some people. Does this mean you need to stop traveling? If you’re lucky enough to have that option, then no. It’s important to keep an open mind and to stay positive. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by negative stories, but we as travelers have look forward and keep that positive traveling mindset difficult times. In this article let’s discuss this topic and some points around it.

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As a Traveler, you want to Travel, but Times are Difficult, What Do You Do?

As a traveler , you want to travel, add content to your travel blog, but times are difficult, what do you do? How do you keep that traveling Mindset? One strategy is to learn to live a bit of your life in the margins.

It’s a nice Idea, but it’s Easier Said than Done.

This is where I, as a traveler sorta locked down due to the global pandemic options are limited, I decided to try and focus on the smaller picture rather than the big picture. It seems to make a lot of sense that the smallest parts of our lives are those we are most likely to notice and react to.

For instance, if you’re an extrovert, you’re more likely to notice how a difficult situation makes you feel and react to it accordingly. If you’re an introvert, it’s likely that you’re more likely to notice subtle changes in your surroundings. The more aware you are of the small changes in your life, the more in control of your own happiness and well-being.

A great resource for this small picture approach is the concept of “the margin.” Let’s look at that one more time.

The margin is defined as the space around you, that can be used for something, without the need to use all of your body.

You can think of it as the area in the world within your reach. The margin can be physical or mental.

One of the best examples of the use of the margin is to look at a flower, a tree, or a field. In a field is the margin, everything outside the margin is space that is not important at the moment, and your time spent within the margin is your time well spent.

In fact, the margin is so important that we often neglect the things within the margin. When we do this, the margins fill up with junk, and we feel like we have no margin to live in.

One strategy to keep that traveling mindset in difficult times is the plan trips within the margin around you, and not think outside the margin at least until the difficult times pass.

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Keep that Traveling Mindset Positive:

Many people recently find themselves having difficulty being motivated to keep moving forward with excitement and a positive outlook on travel plans, in an uncertain world. Some will say that they can’t do it. The truth is, you can. The following three strategies will make this easier:

  1. When you’re stuck, stop and take a moment to breathe. When you get stuck on a project, it’s often because you’re working on it and not enjoying it. Getting stuck is a good opportunity to take a few minutes and breathe, and to remember why you’re doing the work. Remembering why you’re doing something can help you move forward much more quickly in the future.
  2. Stop and ask yourself what’s holding you back: Sometimes, it’s hard to stop and ask yourself what’s holding me back from making the next move? Instead, it’s often more productive to stop and ask yourself what’s holding you back from the next move. When you’re stuck, you’re either doing too much at once, or you’re not looking at the big picture.
  3. Look at the big picture: This is another strategy that helps people get unstuck. Instead of focusing on all the details of something that’s taking too long, or not getting done, focus on the big picture. Make sure that you are moving forward with the right amount of enthusiasm. And make sure you’re not taking on too much.

The following will help you get unstuck, and develop a traveling mindset when your mind is running on empty:

Reframe the problem: When you are stuck, it’s often because you are thinking too small. Think about the problem from a different perspective. Instead of looking at the entire project, or task at hand, look at it in terms of a bigger picture. For example, instead of looking at the

If you are trying to keep a traveling mindset in difficult times, I encourage you to do the following:

  • Take notes, jot down all you can have about different situations and places you encounter through the day.
  • Create a travel diary, which you can use to remember things like airports, restaurants, sights, and so forth.
  • Create a blog or a blog site, which you can use to share information and experiences with others.
  • Keep up to date with travel news and information.
  • Learn a new language. If you are able to learn to speak another language, this is a good way to help you stay in the travel spirit during difficult times.

You can even try a book such as the : The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal (on Amazon Here) help get you inspired! 

Start that Travel Blog!

It’s time to get serious about your blog. Why? Because the Internet is constantly growing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create a blog that speaks to your current and future interests.

  • You can use your blog to share information.
  • You can create an online business (a sort of online real estate business).
  • You can earn money blogging (or writing about blogging).
  • Blogging can be an excellent way to market your own book or other resources.

With these ideas you can keep your traveling mindset positive, and keep looking towards the future and aiming for your goal.

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The traveling Mindset is about Abundance and Good Outcomes:

In the world of abundance, you can only expect good outcomes this includes keeping a traveling mindset, because in that reality there is always more than enough, there are new places to visit. Plan and dream, things will get better. Good fortune is never a coincidence.

In the world of scarcity, you can only expect bad outcomes, because in that reality there is always not enough. Planning and dreaming, things will get worse, brings worse to you. Good luck is never a coincidence.

And the key to understanding this is to understand that there are two types of adversity. There’s the adversity that you create. Then there’s adversity that happens in the world.

When you create adversity, you have control. If you want to get fired from your job, you could do that. If you want to lose the money in your bank account, you could do that. You have control here. You put in the work, you earn the money, and then you take it out. You do that for a while, and then you get fired. You do that for a while, and then you lose the money in the bank. You do that for a while, and then you get sick and die.

When you create adversity, you have the power to create good or bad outcomes. It all depends on the level of your intentionality. It depends on the level of your resolve and the level of your commitment.

Now, that’s a power that you can get stuck in. You can stay in that power and keep making bad choices. That’s where you feel like you’re in control. You feel like you have control. That’s why you feel good about what you’re doing and what you’re not doing.

The most important thing is to realize that there’s always good and bad out there. The good is out there. The bad is out there, too.

That’s when you have to choose what you want to be, what you want is important, you have the ability to put your mindset in the world of abundance, and realize you have options and opportunities open to you.

How to stay positive: You have all the tools to keep your traveling mindset positive, keep going and make your way. However, once in a while, you can experience a moment when it feels like a great idea has come to you. Here are a few tips to keep your mind on point, even in the most difficult times:

Keep your head down – the most important step to remain positive in difficult times is to stay on your path!

  • Be grateful: In difficult times, you have to appreciate the good outcome, what you have and how you have it now.
  • Keep moving – in difficult times, you have to keep going. It’s a never-ending battle – yet the one where you can keep a positive head.
  • Stay grateful for what you have – even when you are tired, stressed out and you feel you can barely get through the day. If you have an extra helping of something in your cupboard or fridge, be grateful for it, or just be grateful for the experiences in the moments that led you to where you are now, and realized still be more going forward.

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Wrapping it up:

The traveling mindset is about staying positive and remembering that life has an abundance of opportunities. Remember to always be on the lookout for new paths to take, and to take the opportunities that present themselves. Stay focused, and always try to find a win-win situation. Stay optimistic, and look for the good in every situation. At the end of the day, you want people to remember that you persevered in difficult times.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • How do you stay in a positive traveling mindset?
  • Do you have any advice for other travelers for feeling stuck?
  • What do you feel about the topic presented in this article?

As always thank you for taking the time to read this article hope you found it interesting.

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