6 Ways to enjoy an airport layover

6 Ways to enjoy an airport layover

6 Ways to enjoy an airport layover

6 Ways to enjoy an airport layover
6 Ways to enjoy an airport layover

Sometimes long layovers are inescapable, meaning you could be stuck at the airport for hours, or days, or in a very rare case, YEARS (*Dont worry, that was a very rare fluke). But savvy travelers know that there are fun, inexpensive ways to entertain themselves between flights. Here are 6 Ways to enjoy an airport layover. 

  • Work Out. If you’re not shy about folding into downward dog in public, pack a yoga mat and work on your positions at the airport. A few minutes of deep breathing and stretching is a fantastic way to get your blood flowing after a flight.
  • Play a Game. Pack one or two board games in your carry-on and get your travel companion or a friendly stranger waiting in your terminal to join in on the fun. A deck of cards is in my carry on bag all the time just for such a outcome! 
  • Read, write, or watch. This could be a great time to catch up on your newest book or take a time to update your blog. If you brought your computer, catch up on some recent shows or watch a movie. Find a nice quiet corner and get comfy for a while.
  • Go exploring! Most international terminals are vast and have many hidden gems you can find, like indoor pools, nap rooms, massage parlors and more!
  • Again, if you are not shy, strike up a conversation with another passenger that is in layover.  You both have so much in common, you both are stuck here.. so make a comment about it then ask them if they have any good jokes or story’s to past the time!
  • Juggling. I know, most people dont carry juggling balls with them when they travel.. I do.. hahaha.. its a fun thing that gets some weird looks.  But that is my hobby, if you have a portable hobby that packs small, bring it and use this as a forced hobby time!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this 6 Ways to enjoy an airport layover. If you have any fun suggestions, post them below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

6 Things to think about when planning for a trip

6 Things to think about when planning for a trip

6 Things to think about when planning for a trip

6 Things to think about when planning for a trip
6 Things to think about when planning for a trip

Planning a vacation or a trip may seem like a lot of work and you’re right. Knowing exactly what to do and when and where may seem like a big undertaking and in most times result to confusion. This 6 Things to think about when planning for a trip guide will help you start and plan your trip carefully.

  • Decide where to go. This one takes a little more thought regarding money and the overall goal of the trip. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to relax for a bit? Then the beach is right for you.
  • When will be the best time? If you have a set amount of time, whether it be spring break or your only week off in the summer, then this decision is already made. But even then, the timing is so dependent on many other factors.
  • How to get there. Flying, driving, or even a train? There are so many options. You have to decide what your priority is. Are you on a stricter budget or a stricter time table? Also, be sure to check local deals and whatever you do, book early for lower rates.
  • Entertainment packages. Now that you know the “where” and the “how,” now you have to figure out the “what.” What are you going to do when you get there? How are you going to make the most of the trip? If you plan on getting a lot of different things squeezed into your trip, then there may be an entertainment package that can get you a good deal on many different venues.
  • Next is what to bring with you. Do you need that parka or do you need a swimming suit, or both?
  • Last is to record the tips whit photos, or just sit back and enjoy it.  If you are going to take photos, its a different experience then just being and taking in the sights.

Their is a lot to think about when planning a trip, so I hope this micro guide about 6 Things to think about when planning for a trip you found useful.

Post below some of the things you think about when planing a trip!


6 Things to take along for a short trip

6 Things to take along for a short trip

6 Things to take along for a short trip

6 Things to take along for a short trip
6 Things to take along for a short trip

Make sure you pack correctly to avoid bringing too much or too little, this 6 Things to take along for a short trip guide can help.

Some things to bring for a short trip includes;

  • Toiletries – Don’t let your skin suffer while you’re on vacation. You should always bring your specific cleanser and moisturizer with you, no matter your trip length. For real, keeping your skin healthy will help you keep traveling for a long time!
  • Sunglasses – Sunglasses are important to take on any sort of trip. Protect your eyes from harmful UVA/ UVB rays with trendy shades. 😀 Also, it helps you to nap in public with out revealing that you are. 
  • Medicines – It’s always a good idea to bring your medicine staples (advil, pepto bismol, vitamins and supplements). Make them easy to find by storing them in these bright, super cute cases. I have a small medical pack with me at all times. Things like band aids, scissors, duct tape and more are in this! 
  • Travel wallet – While traveling, it’s important to have a safe and organized place to keep your ID, money and credit cards. Its a good idea to make your travel wallet your sorta dummy wallet and keep your main money bank someplace else. This way if you are robbed, you can hand over your wallet and not lose all your funds!
  • Weekender bag or backpack – Whether you’re off on a business trip or visiting family and friends for the weekend, you’ll want to bring a carry-on-friendly, accommodating weekend bag. These bags can pack small and are light. Much smaller then your bigger main bag! 
  • Your power cords! While its far from the worst thing that can go wrong, leaving your cords at home will cause you to buy an additional cord at a jacked up rate.. save that money and use it for fun.. so do not forget your cords!

This list could be REAL long… but these are 6 Things to take along for a short trip. Remember them and be ready for for fun. 😀

What else do you take on your short trips? Post below and let us know!

My Travel First Aid Kit

My Travel First Aid Kit

My Travel First Aid Kit

My Travel First Aid Kit
My Travel First Aid Kit


A lot of people tend to over look the First Aid kit when packing for an adventure! Its one of the last things on their minds. I would suggest you rethink that and have it on the top of your list!

A lot of the world has varying standards of health and of first aid. Some times just an antiseptic wipe can mean the difference between an infection, or just a small cut. In other outcomes, having a bit more gear can help you and your travel buddies stay strong.

Here is my Travel First Aid Kit. Its not the best, but it has come in hand quite a few times while on the road. I also want to add a few more things to it. But for now… take a look at where I am at.

Travel First Aid Kit Full PhotoTravel First Aid Kit – Full Photo

  • Band aids.  These are the unsung heroes of the First Aid Kit.  Get a bunch in different sizes. Get the BIG ones and the butterfly’s, also a few smaller ones for them nicks that just sting.
  • Zicam. This stuff is a bit weird, but for me it works. When I start to feel a cold coming on, I crack open one of these and rub it in my nose… by the morning time, most times, I am back to feeling good.
  • Thearaflue. I have just one pack of this. Its the standby when I think I am down for the count. Mix this with some warm water and in 20 minuets, I am out and my issues are suppressed till the morning.
  • Advil! Beer is cheep around the world and we tend to party to much.. this is golden when you wake up and you got to catch that train, but your head is saying.. NOOOOO… Lol.
  • Tamra Pads and Gauze.  These are good for stopping a big wound that is pumping out blood, or for warping up burns. Get help right away if you need this!
  • Hyrdogel dressing. This is great for burns, it help keep the brunt area cool and damp while it heals.
  • Sun Ray x 30 Cream. This helps with sunburns and keeping it cool
  • Tegaederm Film. This is like second skin. Clean and cover that wound or burn. This stuff is like a second layer of skin to cover the trauma and keep the bad stuff out.
  • 2 sets of Sutures. If I am in the back sticks and fall, stitching up the gash could mean life or death. Sutures that are pre threaded and you can pull out and do what needs to be done… perhaps are a bit over kill.. but I want to be safe.
  • Day Quil and Night Quil 1 dose each. Again, if I am feeling this sick, and NEED to travel, this is one way to get threw it with out feeling like death the whole time.
  • Modaleart. These are my pick me ups when the chips are down and I have to hike out 10 miles on no food. They pick up my mood and help me focus while giving a boost of energy.
  • Anti diarrhea pills. You may eat some weird things your belly just does not like, perhaps you have to sit in a crowded train after this… just saying… its not fun.. so, you know.
  • Muscle Gel. Sore muscles are common when on the road, but like SORE muscles or sprains are not fun.. better take care of them.
  • A few sets of Rubber gloves. Hey if you have to treat someone and have time, putting on gloves is a good way to reduce the chance infection of something you don’t want to get.
  • Tweezers and Scissors . VERY USEFUL. Just have a good set on ya. Pro Tip as well. Make sure the Scissors are small.. big ones will bet take at the air ports as potential weapons.
  • Digital thermometer (the mouth kind). Again, sora a luxury… but its nice to know if you are just a little bit hot, or like OMG I NEED TO BE AIR RECUSED hot.
  • A Nice small case to put all this in. Something small you can fit in your hand and keep on your body and in your go bag at all times.. as what good is all this if its back in the hotel and you are on the streets with a cut?
Travel First Aid Kit Packed
Travel First Aid Kit Packed

Their are so many ways to set up a travel first aid kit, but the most important thing is to have one on you at all times when on the road.

If in doubt of where to start, this is a good starter kit you can get on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2SXL72t 

Start with this then add to it. Add things you think you may need, and some thing you hope you never need.

Do you have a question about something in this kit? Do you have any suggestions of your own to add to this kit? If so post below, I would love to hear your feed back.

Thanks for reading!

10 ways to stay entertained at the airport

10 ways to stay entertained at the airport

10 ways to stay entertained at the airport

10 ways to stay entertained at the airport
10 ways to stay entertained at the airport

There are so many things to keep yourself occupied at the airport, all you have to have is some imagination. Here is our micro guide on 10 ways to stay entertained at the airport.

  • Get good food. You’re definitely going to get hungry if you have to wait in an airport for an extended period of time so you might as well explore and find a good place to eat. If there are other terminals, they most times have other selections of meals as well.. just do not wander to far and miss your flight!
  • People Watch. There are always tons of people with you at the airport. Some may be in the same situation that you are, and some might be rushing to make it to their gate on time to get to their destination. Something that is pretty much always fun in any situation is people watching. One game I like to play with a travel buddy is to make up stories about other people we see, who are they, where are the going and why!
  • Shop. You can shop at any one of the numerous stores that they have in an airport, you can fund just about anything that you need from clothes to toiletries to souvenirs from yourself or some friends. If you are flying international, you have the duty free shop as well! This is a great place to pick up some fantastic treats at a lower cost them state side! 
  • Watch a Movie. Another great way to pass the time is to watch a movie or two.
  • Listen to music. Music is a great way to pass the time in any situation; that includes sitting in the airport.
  • Sleep. What better way to catch up on all that lost sleep than to sleep in the airport while waiting for that flight that will eventually bring you to your intended destination. Pro tip, bring one of them travel pillows. They will prove to be your best friend at nap time! 
  • Have a Conversation. Most friendships started as a conversation between strangers in a public space like at the airport, so try to engage in one.
  • Learn a new language: Whether you’re going to Germany, France, or Hong Kong, it can’t hurt to become a bit more familiar with the native language of your destination.
  • Start a travel journal: Whether you’re traveling a few states away or to an entirely different country, keeping a travel journal can allow you to express your feelings and commit cherished experiences to memory forever.
  • Snap the sights. This is the perfect way to while away the time, as you get the perfect composition and exposure. 😀

I hope you enjoyed these 10 ways to stay entertained at the airport. If you have any tricks or tips you like to use to stay entertained, let me know in the comments. I am always excited about what others have to say about these things!

6 Travel Tips from Roaming Sparrow

6 Travel Tips from Roaming Sparrow

Roaming Sparrow - TRAVEL TIPS

6 Travel Tips from Roaming Sparrow

You simply cannot plan for everything. However, keeping a few important things in mind will make your travels much easier.  Some travel mishaps can be avoided if you plan properly and some of them are just a part of traveling. Below are 6 travel tips to help ease travelling. 

  • Be Flexible. We always plan for delays and try not to get upset when things inevitably go wrong. Patience is extremely important when traveling. I just keep saying the phrase ” Its not the destination its the Journey that is important!”
  • Make a List. About a week or so before each trip, make a mental list of items you don’t want to forget. Then a few days before you leave , sit, and review your list. Confirm you have all you need.
  • Always Buy Travel Insurance. A medical emergency can wipe out your savings so endeavor to get travel insurance before your journey. 
  • Make Photocopies of Important Documents. Always carry photocopies of important documents such as your passport when travelling. I try to keep 2 copies. One taped between 2 hidden pages in my sketch book, and the other in my money belt. 
  • Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Company of Your Travel Plans. This is a great habit to get into if you don’t want your credit card company or bank to put a hold on your card while you are overseas. Trust me, call your bank!!! Nothing is more stressful then to be in a strange land and not have any way to access your funds or having to work out international calls. 
  • Book Early for Cheap Flights. Flights are always the first thing to book when planning a trip. You can do this nearly a year in advance. For the most part, the earlier you book, the better price you will get.

I hope you found these 6 travel tips for travel useful in your trip prep!

If you have any other tips, post them below or let me know what you think of these.

Things to do when planning for travel

Things to do When Planning for Travel

A lot of times people ask me, “where do you start when planning a trip?” What are the Things to do when planning for travel? What should you do first? What’s important and what’s not?

These are all great questions!

Below I’ve broken this out to five general sections, let’s dive into this and talk more about things to do when planning for travel! 

Section 1 : Know when you want to and when you can Travel.

Knowing when you want to, and when you can travel is perhaps one of the first things to consider when planning a trip.

Unless you have a very flexible lifestyle, or live the digital nomad lifestyle. Knowing when you can travel is important. This will also help determine where you want to go. The north of Japan is nice, unless you don’t like snow, so traveling there in the wintertime might not be best for you. Unless you do not mind the cold… then I say go for it. 

Here’s some things to ask yourself that can help determine the when…

Perhaps you have vacation time saved up. Can you overlap that vacation time with some national holidays to get the longest travel time possible? 

Perhaps you have a few months between jobs, or before you go back to school – unless funds are super tight this might be an ideal time to travel. 

Knowing when you want to go and when you can go, are very important things to keep in mind. 

When you have a few general dates in mind, then it’s time to move on to section 2. 

Section 2 : Know where you want to go. 

It may seem like a simple thing to ask yourself. But personally I struggle sometimes to answer the question, “well…where do I want to go?”.

The world is a mighty huge place. So many amazing things to see, mountains to climb, oceans to swim in, and fantastic people to meet.  It can be hard at times to settle on an initial destination. 

When I am unsure about where to go, I turned to YouTube. I type in phrases such as “travel videos”, “the most amazing places on earth”, “fun adventures to go on”. This and other phrases along these lines. Or even if I know that when I want to travel, I type question such as “best places to visit in February”, “world festivals in March’, “best summertime destinations”. These search questions help narrow down some other travel videos you might find based around that date.

Generally however, it’s a mixed bag that gets presented to you. Every now and then a video comes up that’s inspirational, it will inspire you to do further research. 

Personally was inspired by watching a video of two people traveling across Vietnam on a motorcycle. This got me thinking of Vietnam, then I started researching more, and eventually this led me to thinking I would like to travel there. 

Inspiration about a destination can come from anything. Talk to friends and your family about a place they have been. Post a call out on Facebook asking people for travel suggestions. All of these are good ways to start inspiring your heart for travel! 

Section 3 : Establish a budget.

So you have your general location you want to go, you have the time a year and your dates that you want to go. The next of the things to do when planing for travel is ask the question to ask yourself of what budget do you have to work with.

Personally I try to travel as frugally as possible. With this in mind I tried to keep my budget on the lower end. Other people know I have a different story. I have a few friends who work great jobs that make over $120k a year, they however only have two weeks off. So when they go on a trip, they don’t mind spending $20k over 2 weeks. While other travelers I meet, they spend may be $600 a month to travel. 

When establishing your budget, You a few ways to set this. I personally like to do a top-down approach, look at the full amount I have spent, then break that out into supplies and per day costs. 

Let’s I am traveling for 2 months and I have a total budget of $3000 (*not including travel gear).  This is about $1500 a month, this an average of $50 per day. That sounds great but then I have to figure and flights, and other transportation. Also lodging per day.   I find going this route helps me see the larger picture and then I could specify what type of luxuries I want and what do I actually need.

The other way is a bottom up approach, where you list out your lodging costs per day, food costs, travel costs and then add up to a budget. This way does have its advantages, however I like to know what I have to work with and then break it down to what is possible. 

Section 4 : Review necessary travel items.

The location of where you want to travel, and the time of year will determine a lot about the necessary travel items you might need (*no use bringing a heavy down parka to the islands right?). Also with the budget in mind, you sort of know what you have to work with cost wise, and generally what type of lodging you might be staying in. 

The next of the  things to do when planing for travel is to tart writing a list of items you may need, put it down for a couple days then come back to it. You still think these items are important? You still need these things? Did you forget to add something?

Necessary travel items for myself at least are. 

  • My travel bag (*this is your home away from home so it’s important)
  • Travel shoes (* shoes are perhaps the most important thing as happy feet will keep you going longer)
  • Clothing 
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Camera equipment
  • Laptop
  • Passport
  • Visa requirements
  • Any immunizations or vaccines I need for the area traveling to
  • Telling people close to me, where my travel is going to be. 

Section 5 : Make sure your home base is taken care of while away.

The last things to do when planing for travel is think about when getting ready to travel, is who will be taking care of your home when you are way. 

Do you have a few plans that need to be watered every day? A bird that should be talked to. Or even someone just to drive on by your place to make sure its not burnt down once a week. 

Having someone that can check in on things, and has a set of keys for your home is important. It will also bring you great peace of mind… as you don’t want to be on a flight for a 2 month trip and realize you forgot to lock your front door! 


I hope these 5 things to do when planing for travel will be of some help for you to plan your next adventure.  If you have any of your own things you do when planning, post them below! 


Northern Vietnam BaiYue Tribe journey

Northern Vietnam  BaiYue Tribe journey 

Join the team and help sponsor the expedition!

Here is the story!

On the border of southern China and northern Vietnam there exists a people that are torn between two nations,China to the north and Vietnam to the south. The various Yue tribes can trace their history back to the first millennium AD. They’ve endured a lot throughout this time and almost vanished when their nation was slowly assimilated into the Han dynasty, but pockets of the Yue tribe remained, hidden high in the mountains. Here they held onto their rich history and past.

This ancient culture is however at risk once again of being assimilated, this time not by the Han Dynasty but by modern life. The goal of the Vietnam BaiYue tribal journey is to document the lives of these people. Capture the essence of who they are, their daily lives, their traditions, their smiles. While helping to raise more awareness about who they are.

Here is whats going to happen :

The intent of this project is to spend one month (*perhaps more) embedded with the BaiYue in the northern mountains of Vietnam.

During this time the goal is to capture photos and videos of these people. Record people of this tribe talking and telling stories about their past, record their various creation stories, myths and loar. Follow them on their daily routines of harvesting tea leaves, learn the secrets of their tea processing and preparation.

The secondary goal is to help teach English to the children and adults of this tribe. Along with this, also help this tribe get more media and exposure online about who they are, what they do, and get additional support to help sustain their way of life.

Along the way, photos of the journey will be posted online to generate additional exposure for them.

After the time embedded with this tribe. A room in Hanoi will be booked for a month. During this time the photos will be laid out into several books.

  • Portraits of the BaiYue
  • Life of the BaiYue
  • Stories of the BaiYue

The videos clips that were captured will be given to the tribes used in promotion and marketing.

Depending on time, the video clips may also be edited together into a shorter video documentary of the journey and the people.

This cant be done alone...

Here is where we need your sponsorship
to make this expedition a reality

Here is what it will take.

Transparency : Expedition Expenses

$950.00 Flight to Vietnam
$300.00 On the ground transportation
$350.00 2 Months Meals
$675.00 2 Months lodging

$1,300.00 Sony a6400 mirror less camera
$399.00 Longer lense
$67.00 Tripod
$78.00 Wireless Remote Commander
$30.00 Camera Safty Strap
$20.00 SmallRig Cold Shoe Relocation Plate (For mic)
$118.00 Sony a6400 extra Batteries (x 2)
$120.00 SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB (x3)
$11.00 Memory Card Holder
$25.00 Lovelier mic
$30.00 Rode Video shotgun phone cover (Dead Cat)
$62.00 Rode Video shotgun phone
$17.00 Rocket Air Blaster (for lense)
$37.00 Battery charger

$1,149.99 laptop for editing
$169.94 4 TB (rugged) hard drive

$715.00 Clothing and traveled garments
$704.00 Backpacks and packing material
$550.00 Travel insurance
$214.00 Assorted items

Grand Total : $8,091.93

000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds

Time Till Departure

Thank you for your Sponsorship!

Any amount will go a long way to making this expeditionary a reality.

If you wish to discus other sponsorship ideas, such as using your gear in photos while on the expedition, please reach out and contact. Very excited to entertain any idea that can help facility bringing this project to a successful completion!

" I chose life over death for myself and my friends... I believe it is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all. "

— Ernest Shackleton


Without people like you, many stories would be lost.

Thank you for your support, even if it only reading this post, or sharing it on Social Media. Exposure, contributions, and positive messages all are needed.

If you have any ideas, or comments, please send a message. It would be a delight to hear from you.

See you down the road and Stay Tuned for updates!

Puerto Rico Travel 2016 - Photo Gallery

Puerto Rico Travel 2016

Puerto Rico Travel 2016

In 2016 I vised my little sister on the island of Puerto Rico. What an amazing trip. From landing in San Juan, to the beaches, to the jungles. It was quite a trip. My little sister was staying on the West Coast of the island in the city Rincón.

For 2 weeks we adventured around the island.

Here are photos I took during my stay with her.

Travel Disasters

3 Ways to Look at Travel Disasters

3 Ways to Look at Travel Disasters

If you travel, you are going have a lot of GREAT adventures, but then every now again disaster may set in. You miss that buss you needed to be on, you lose something that you need, it starts to rain and you have no umbrella.  Its in that moment, you can let this moment define the rest of your day, or not…

Don’t get we wrong, their are DISASTERS.. and we will talk about them in a bit.

With the stage set, lets provide you with some tools to help you re-frame the moment, or at lest better define ways to see it. Here is the Roaming Sparrow 3 types of out looks (mind sets to frame the moment) on disasters.

Type 1 Disaster : This Disaster is Funny

Lol, this is the easiest way to see something. Can you frame this as something funny in your mind? Like the buss is pulling away as you are ruining up to it but you never catch it, sorta like a movie? It is a disaster yes… but very much so not the end of the world.

I would venture to say that, 50% or more disasters fall into the type 1 category. You just need to smile and enjoy the experience as you will be ok, it will be ok.

Type 2 Disaster : Can this moment be funny… later on?

Sure, some moments when you are in them seem like.


But again tho, is its really horrible?

Lets look at the buss example like before.  You miss it, and then you don’t make your flight at the airport and it take another few days to get to your next stop. disaster! .. but not so much

Is it truly the end of the world, or do you think that in an hour when the moment is past, or a day later, or a year later… can you look back at that moment at laugh?  Perhaps the retelling of the story makes you simile… then its a type 2 disaster.

Its sometimes hard to see a type 2 in the moment… however its been my experience that the next 49 % of disasters will be funny later on.  So keep that one in mind. That even tho you are like… this is the worst… it relay is not.

This brings us to the last way to look at disasters, and that is the truly bad ones.

Type 3 Disaster :  This is a true disaster and I never way to think about it again.

If you find yourself in a type 3 disaster you will know.

This is a disaster that is a true disaster.  Like you and a good friend, a lover have a fight that their is no coming back from.  These moments are the worst. Don’t get worried tho, less then 1% of disaster fall into this category.

Sometimes you may say this is a type 3 disaster, but when you think about it more.. you may be like this is only a type 2, or type 1.

If their is any quiver of doubt to the type 3 disaster rating, then well, its not a type 3. Chances are its a type 2 or if you think a bit more a type 1.

Wrap it up

There you have it, my 3 categories of disasters and how I try to frame them. I hope that in some small way, this can help you to see the moment you are in, in perhaps a new light.

Post in the comments some of your type 1 or type 2 disasters. I would love to read about them.