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Vietnam is exceptionally beautiful. However, with recent world events, people are hesitant to travel. My mission is to show the world that Vietnam still has beauty, that it is safe, and a viable travel destination.


With over 10 years of photography experience and a world traveler for 5, I have a unique ability to capture and document the world. I started my travel blog in August of 2019 and it has seen solid growth along with my other social media channels. Traveling, adventure, photography, and blogging is what I do.

I wish to use these skills to help Vietnam and its people flourish while documenting the glory that is Vietnam.


I am proposing a 2-month motorbike trip around Vietnam with a native Vietnamese friend and myself.

During this trip, the goal is to collect photos and stores to post on various social media outlets and encourage a positive outlook on Vietnam as a destination for travel.

Starting in Hoi An, we will travel north, around Ha Giang loop, then back south along the Ho Chi Minh trail, all way to Cà Mau in the deep south, then head back north along the coastline.

One month will be spent in the north traveling, and the second month in South Traveling.

We will explore the cities and the rural countryside, documenting the resurgence of life and tourism after COVID-19.

The target audience will be people planning for vacations and looking for safe, fun, and exciting destinations to travel to.


In order to facilitate 2 people traveling for 2 months, the requested budget is 105,200,000 VND ( $4,523.60 USD) .


During this travel, we will capture photos each day of the locations we visit along with the travel to that destination.

These photos will include the people, overlooks, roadside stops, smiles from locals, and accommodations we stay in.

This media will be posted on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, SmugMug). Posting may happen every other day or every 3rd day depending on internet availability.

In addition, we will be writing blog posts and stories 3 times a week at 500 words or more, about the current adventure and outing.

All the photos and media that is generated will be offered for you to use in your marketing and promotions.

In each of our posts, we will give your company or brand, a mention, and personal thank you.