Vietnamese Coffee an Overview

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Vietnamese Coffee an Overview

Vietnamese coffee has a rich history and is made with beans that have been roasted in a stove over charcoal. These beans are ground and then brewed. The coffee was traditionally a drink for the elites of Vietnam, but it has now become a part of common life. It is often mixed with condensed milk or sugar to make it more palatable because of the bitterness of the coffee. But for many Vietnamese people, drinking coffee is still an important part of their culture.

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History of Coffee in Vietnam

Vietnamese coffee can trace it roots back to 1857 when it was introduced to the country by French colonizers. The Vietnam War complicated the growth of the coffee industry and coffee exports were disrupted. Fortunately, in the aftermath of the war, coffee production grew exponentially in 1986 and continues to be one of the most popular exports for Vietnam today.

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Types of Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee is an important part of Vietnamese culture and is an integrated part of daily life. You’ll find coffee shops all over the country, but the majority of coffee served is robusta-based. In Vietnam, robusta is usually stronger, more nutty, and darker in colour, which helps to make up for the lack of milk. When it’s mixed with condensed milk or a coffee-flavoured liqueur, the taste is further enhanced.

When one talks of Vietnamese coffee, the first thing they think of is the variety of coffee found in coffee houses. We think of Vietnamese coffee as being more of a specialty coffee than a supermarket variety. In a market where consumers are increasingly rejecting cheap instant coffee, we believe there is also an increasing demand for fine-quality roasted coffee.

Beyond this there are many unique methods of drinking coffee that only exist here or lease that I found. Egg coffee, avocado coffee, and coconut coffee are three examples of unique blends, or stylings of coffee that have not seen anywhere else.

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Coffee as Culture in Vietnam

I think the best thing about coffee is that no one knows exactly how to drink it. The Vietnamese have a traditional way of drinking coffee. They drip their coffee, which goes through a coffee filte called “ Ca Phe Phin” and is immensely strong.

Vietnam produces a great cup of coffee no matter how you look at it. Vietnam is the third largest coffee producer in the world, and it has a rich history in coffee that many coffee lovers will love. There are lots of different styles to enjoy when you’re in Vietnam, so you can be sure to find a cafe that serves your favorite.

The preference for your coffee depends on where you are in Vietnam. In the south, most Vietnamese prefer iced coffee, and in the north, they enjoy strong coffee. Some people even enjoy coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

In the 70s and 80s when coffee was starting to boom, people would set up seats outside their shop called ” Ca Phe Coc”. They would just sit in small chairs and not worry about passerby’s as they enjoyed their coffee, this still echoes today in modern coffee culture.

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Drinking coffee, as in many other things in Vietnam, is intertwined in the culture. The coffee can be made in many different ways, and in fact, it’s up to the individual to decide how to make it. There are different ways to drink coffee in Vietnam depending on how it is to be made, and also depending on the person who is making it and the coffee itself.

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